Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Land of the Gems by Vanessa Rose Lee

Blurb from Amazon:

Kate Stanford hopes for a fun summer. Little does she know, but she is in for an adventure of a lifetime!

One day, Kate and her roommates open a chest and are taken to the Land of the Gems. Kate and her friends soon start to realize that the kingdom needs their help. Join Kate and her friends on their journey to the Land of the Gems!

My Thoughts:

This is a fun read. The world Vanessa created just sucked me in from the beginning. This is one I will read again and one my 9 year old daughter loves.

Kate goes to camp and is thrown into a world of magic gems. It is in this world that she learns to face her fears.

I enjoyed The Land of the Gems. To me it brought me back to my childhood and Alice in Wonderland. Though this book isn't really anything like Alice in Wonderland it had that same fantasy feel, a land where anything can happen.

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