Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Damon (The Protectors series #1) by Teresa Gabelman

Description from Goodreads:

Damon DeMasters is a vampire warrior who has taken an oath to protect his own kind as well as humans. As a social worker, Nicole Callahan fights for the right of every child placed in her care. Damon has been ordered to train Nicole and her colleagues against the dangers they now face. Even as sparks fly, Nicole and Damon depend on each other to protect the children of both races.

My Thoughts:

Nicole has a love for children and takes her job as a social worker very seriously. Having been through the system herself, she can relate to these kids in a way that no one else can. But her job becomes extremely dangerous when she makes a point to protect the vampire children against those that want them to make money from the sales of their vampire blood, which is also known as Crimson Rush.

Damon, a Vampire Warrior, has been sent to help train Nicole and the other social workers self defense to prepare for the dangers associated with Crimson Rush. He swore that he would never mate with a human but Nicole has his heart yearning for something more than he is willing to offer.

This book was extremely entertaining. I found myself sitting up until three in the morning just to finish it. Whether or not Teresa Gabelman has read the Twilight saga, I have no idea, but there were a couple of things that reminded me of it. Overall, this is a great book and a quick, fun read.


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