Tuesday, October 9, 2012

8 Hearts Beat As One ~A Valentine Anthology~


Eight tantalizing stories all under one cover.

A bomb raid isn't exactly the romantic proposal he had planned, but if they survive, he'll make her happy 'til the end of time.

A cupid trying to shave off a few years of her sentence. Oops, speed dating is a disaster.

All she wants is a second date. Too bad her mouth gets in the way.

Can a haunted instrument bring two damaged souls together, or will fate stop the music?

Each story will weave its way into your heart and leave you sighing for more!

My Thoughts:

8 Hearts Beat As One is a Valentine's anthology. All of the stories in this book were good. There was nothing erotic, just fun romance. There were several stories that I hated to see end so soon. Each author did a great job of creating a fun and captivating love story.

Unfortunately when I tried to look up the links on Amazon and Barnes & Noble I could no longer find this title available.

Reviewed by Destiny

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