Friday, December 21, 2012

I Am Wolf by Joann H. Buchanan

I Am Wolf : The Children of Nox series by Joann H. Buchanan


Angel, hero, monster, devil--we all become what we really are. I Am Wolf --The journey of a boy about to become a man who inherits his ancestors gift and must learn the right way to use it. He falls in love with Alaynee and begins to feel like he is normal again. When their world is shattered by the kidnapping of Alaynee's little brother, Jonah breaks the cardinal rule of his gift and bites the kidnapper, creating a creature called the unnatural. This sends him and all his friends on an adventure across the states to a place in Tennessee. There they find not only must they stop the unnatural creature, but they must save Cara--the girl the creature is after. Jonah must ask himself the most important question of all, would you sacrifice yourself to save another?

Tich's Review:

I Am Wolf is a very entertaining book. I loved the storyline and the characters were fabulous. While reading I could actually feel some of the scenes, they were written so well. There were a couple of places that felt like they just dragged on, but overall the book was great!

The story centers around Jonah. He has been sent back to his hometown to live with his grandparents. While he is there he experiences some weird dreams and a voice in his head repeating for him to "save her". With the help of his friends, he learns what he is.

While trying to save Alaynee's younger brother from his kidnapper, Jonah does something that changes his life forever. Now he has a bigger evil to face.

Tich gives "I Am Wolf":

About the Author:

Joann is a mom first. She lives in Kansas with her fiancé and three children.
“When people ask me why I wanted to get published, I tell them the truth on that as well. I wanted my children to know that dreams come true if you work hard enough and believe in yourself. I wanted my children to see me as an example. They have seen my mistakes; shouldn't they see my triumphs as well? To me that's the most important thing. They need to know that they are going to make mistakes but that doesn't cause their lives to end. Each one of them can still dream an accomplish anything they want. When people ask me why I write, I write for them. I write because it's as much a part of me as they are.”

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