Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa Wore Combat Boots by Barbara Witek

            Santa Wore Combat Boots by Barbara Witek

                                 Book Description

Emma Turner feels like her life ended with the death of her husband. Three years later she’s doing the best she can for her children and moving through life on autopilot. She doesn’t believe true love can happen twice in a lifetime. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t believe in much anymore. Putting her trust in one honest man might be just what she needs to move forward.

Bound by duty Jake Nicklaus never imagined he’d cross the line and fall in love with the woman he swore he’d watch over. If only he’d died on that chopper instead of her husband, she wouldn’t be hurting. The only way to heal her heart is to show her how to live again. Finding the magic in Christmas is the perfect way to start.

Will one kiss under the mistletoe change their lives forever?

                                    Brenda's Review

This was such a great read! I really enjoyed the characters. They are lovable and fun. 

Emma, Trying to move on with her daily life after losing her husband in the war.She is raising two children on her and youngest has never even met his daddy.Emma has lost her Christmas spirit and she is slowly losing herself.She is having a hard time being happy without her husband being there for her.She has a guardian angel living right next door to her.His name is Jake. Jake is always there for her when ever she needs help. He just shows up. He carries her groceries in for. He shovels the drive way for her. He some how always knows just when to be there for her.

Jake, The handsome neighbor.Is always looking out for his neighbor. It's his duty after all. He promised her husband he would take care of her and the kids if something ever happened to him.When the copper went down and killed Emma's husband Jake couldn't help but feel guilt. He was to be on that chopper and not Emma's husband.Now Emma's husband visits with Jake in spirit to make sure Jake is caring for his wife and kids. But when Jake falls in love with Emma and the kids.Things change... In a big way!

This story will have you chuckling and have you crying. I loved this book!! You can't go wrong by picking this wonderful Christmas story up!!

                               Brenda's Butterfly Points

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