Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Fresh New Year

A Fresh New Year By Melissa F. Hart

 Book Description

Andie Nichols had the best Christmas of her life with her boyfriend Ryan Miller. The kinky games they play with him as her sex slave just keep getting better and soon they never want to leave each other’s side. They decide to start living together, so they can make a fresh new start for the New Year. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend Evan Harrington isn’t ready to let her go. It all comes to a head at the New Year’s Eve Party, when Andie and Ryan declare their love for each other, and Evan vows to win her back or get his revenge. Will Andie’s New Year have a beginning that’s naughty or nice ?

Brenda's Review

I think I have become the biggest fan of Andie and Ryan!! They are my favorite character couple in the book world.I just love reading about them and hearing all the juicy detail's about they're relationship.

Ryan is a charmer and he passes the friend test.He is moving in with Andie and they are starting the New Year out right. Ryans character couldn't be more perfect and he aims to please Andie in every way.

Andie has become so much more bold and sure of herself sense Ryan walked into her life. It's refreshing to see a character go from being the meek and timid to bold and outspoken. All because of a change in lovers. A lover who is not a pushy, self absorbed a$$. I was happy to see that Andie was bold enough to finally tell Evan off and get rid of him.

Can't wait to see more of this power couple! This is such a great collection of stories. You will fall in love with the characters and the story. The words flow so nicely and there are no dull spots in the stories!! Truly love this series!

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