Friday, January 11, 2013

A Husband for Christmas

A Husband for Christmas

 By Melissa F. Hart

Book Description

Maeve fled the cold of Chicago for the sunny tropical climes of Miami in the hopes of starting a new life after suffering from the loss of her husband in a top secret mission gone wrong. But one day, the man she thought was dead appears on the doorstep of her flower shop. Can she forgive him for staying away and leaving her in an agony of grief for almost two years? And will she finally get what she thought she’d lost forever – “a husband for Christmas”?

Brenda's Review

Wow, another great read from Melissa F. Hart! Loved this short story.
Maeve has gone on with her life on her own believing her husband is dead.At least that is what she was told by his work.Then one day while she is at work at her flower shop Jacob walks in.He's very much alive and back to claim what is his.

Maeve is angry at first. Angry that she was left to suffer for three long years and mourning for Jacob. But once they talk and explains what happened, their love for each other spark and now Maeve knows for sure her husband is home for Christmas and he is here to stay!!

Loved this great story! Very well written and the characters are very lovable. Story line flows nicely. Great job in this short story Melissa!!!

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