Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Time To Live By Kathryn Loch

A Time To Live By Kathryn Loch/ Aka-Karrie Balwochus

Book Description

The chemo didn’t work, neither did the experimental therapy. When Nikki Matthews learns she is dying of lung cancer and has only has six months to live, she abandons Los Angeles and flees to Shadow Mountain, Colorado…a place where she always wanted to live…a place where she can die in peace. Despite her intentions of no friends and no attachments, she meets Michael de Roumare. Half French and half Arapaho, the residents of Shadow Mountain treat Michael with hatred and contempt. Nikki is not sure why and try as she might, she cannot deny her growing attraction to the handsome young man.

Michael has known only hell the past year, falsely accused of rape and disfiguring a young woman, the jury found him not guilty but he was tried and convicted in the press – a vicious, backwater half-breed. Then, to his horror, someone starts killing the women in Michael’s life and framing him for their murders. The residents of Shadow Mountain now fear a serial killer walks among them and they are certain the vicious murderer is Michael.

Nikki came here to die. She never planned on finding a righteous goal, she never planned on fighting for the truth, but she has found that with Michael and perhaps…just perhaps…she might find something more in the short time she has…as long as the killer doesn’t reach her first.

Brenda's Review

I want to give this more than five stars! It was that good!! Totally loved the story line and how well the story flowed. The characters are so lovable and down to earth. You just can't put this down until you are finished.

Nikki takes off to Colorado to die alone. She was given only three to four months left to live. The chemo treatments and all the tests were just to much for her to handle anymore.Not to mention the doctor who was treating her was her her lover.Nikki found out he was sleeping with another woman and she just wanted to get away and die in peace.She figured it was better this way. No one to leave behind grieving for her.No more tests, no more problems.What she didn't expect, was to meet up a with a ruggedly handsome man who could make her weak in the knees and infuriate her at the same time.

Michael,he has fallen for the new girl in town but it seems trouble follows him where ever he goes. The towns people don't like him and try to drive him out of town every time he sets foot in its limits. Michael can't help but try to make friends with Nikki.After all she is his new neighbor now.
There is just something about her he can't put his finger on.It's like she's hiding something and hold back at the same time. But once they both start to fall in love things really start to get crazy. Michael gets charged with another murder that happens in town.It seems like he keeps getting framed for these murders but the charges don't stick. Something strange is going on and it's going to take over his life. Worse of all now Nikki is at risk as the next target.

Like I said,this is an amazing story and you want to put it down!

 Brenda's Butterfly Points

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