Monday, January 7, 2013

The Matador Murders by Jerold Last

The Matador Murders (South American Mystery Series)

 Roger and Suzanne are back in Montevideo, Uruguay after being summoned from Los Angeles by a late night phone call. One of their friends is suspected of murder and needs their skills as detectives to help clear him of the charges. Life for Roger, and especially for Suzanne, is more complicated these days as they now have an infant son, Robert. The three of them, accompanied by Robert’s nanny, Bruce, fly to Uruguay and the game is afoot. Before long we have our heroes directly in the middle of a gang war, off for a quick trip to Chile to learn all about the local crime scene, and meeting some unlikely allies in their mission. The book has lots of action, a good whodunit storyline, guest appearances from several old friends and an old enemy from The Ambivalent Corpse and The Surreal Killer, and occasional opportunities for sightseeing and eating regional specialty foods.

Tich's Review:

I enjoy reading Mystery novels, I love the excitment and solving problems. The Matador Murders is a pretty fast paced and well written Mystery.

Roger and Suzanne are called Montevideo to help solve a murder. In order to find the killer and free their friend from murder charges they must investigate the members of the two gangs that are at war. Someone is killing for leadership and they must figure out who this is.

Jerold Last did a great job creating The Matador Murders. The characters were fantastic and the storyline was great.

Tich gives The Matador Murders:

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