Monday, February 4, 2013

Second Chances by Alison Stanley

Second Chances By Alison Stanley

Book Description

Even as a child, Rachel had her whole life mapped out – study teaching, marry the perfect guy, have some kids and be a stay at home mum. With two different guys after her attention, Rachel must make a choice – will she choose rebellious single dad Nate or sensible youth leader Steven?

Meanwhile, Hannah is on top of the world, engaged to be married to the love of her life, until a chance encounter with someone from her past threatens to take away her happiness. Will her relationship survive when the secret she has been keeping for so many years is uncovered?

As these best friends lean on God and each other through different trials, they both experience God’s forgiveness and his provision of ‘second chances.

Brenda's Review

I thought this was a fantastic read! I really loved it. With it being the first novel the author has published,she did a great job! The flow of the story was super and the characters were down to earth and easy to relate to.I absolutely would recommend this book!! There is a lot of passion in your writing Alison and I hope to see more from you!!

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Alison Stanley said...

Thanks for your review Brenda. I really appreciate your feedback.