Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ravens by Kaylie Austen

What are Ravens, and are they as the world wants us to believe—sinister and without human qualities? When abruptly taken from their world, select humans are transformed into creatures of the night with penetrating eyes and uncanny abilities that most believe are a threat to mankind. Stripped from their mundane and ordinary lives, these creatures have no choice but to stalk the night and fight back in order to survive.

One such Raven is eighteen-year-old Liam, who uses his telepathy to communicate with Kendra in order to lure her into the transformation. It proves to be a double-edged gambit that turns into a tumultuous journey. Racing against time to save her sister, whom she believed to be dead, Kendra falls through a portal and into a parallel world where humans hunt her. She becomes a Raven with ill-controlled powers, trapped in a torrid affair with Liam, and desperately struggles to find a grip on her new reality.

Author Bio:

I was born during a monsoon in an Indian village that lacked both a doctor and a hospital, but had many nesting cobras nearby. That’s the most fascinating thing about me. Other than that, I’m a true Texan raised in Austin, and yes, I bleed orange (Longhorns!). Currently, I reside in the Pacific Northwest where my muse takes my imagination through many tales of adventure, romance, and plain awesomeness. My novels include YA fantasy, YA sci-fi, and paranormal romance/mystery. Please check out the tabs above to get a better description of upcoming novels and release dates.

I’ve been writing since the age of ten, and completed two novels before high school graduation. My work appeared in school and state competitions, and my poetry was used for future finals in my college freshman English class. I love to learn, my life is rich with culture, and I’m an undercover nerd. My celebrity crushes include Stephen Hawking and Patrick Stewart, Nathan Fillion is close behind. My ultimate goal in life is to dominate Comic-Con and bring plaid back. My improbable desire is to be an X-Men. And, I can be bought with food, so don't hesitate to try.

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My Review:

Ravens is a unique YA story that completely captured my attention. I didn't want to put this book down and was sad when it ended. It was a well thought out story with entertaining characters. A huge plus for me was the fact that there was no bad language...at least not that I can remember. I definitely recommend this book.

Kendra is trying to overcome the loss of her sister and best friend. They disappeared ten years ago and now in order to cope, her mind has created a grown-up version of her best friend that she can talk to.

Liam has been keeping an eye on Kendra. She thinks that she is going crazy but he really is there...well he's in another diminsion but is transporting to her there.

When her sister is captured by hunters and her life is in danger, Liam does everything in his power to bring Kendra to his world to help him save her sister.

Again, I enjoyed Ravens! If I could give more that a five star rating I would!
Looking at all of the books that have gone to the big screen...I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS ONE HIT THE THEATERS.

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