Monday, April 8, 2013

Forever Winter By Amber Daulton

Forever Winter By Amber Daulton

Book Description

Just imagine the perfect wedding… and then everything that could go wrong.

A Christmas Eve snowstorm barrels through the English countryside and wreaks havoc on the residents of Lorican Manor. Susanna Lorican and her fiance, Viscount Camden Beckinworth,had planned the perfect wedding but with the dress and several guests delayed, the reverend injured, and after a confrontation with Susanna’s repulsive brother-in-law, reaching the altar seemed impossible. Despite one setback after another, Susanna and Camden vowed to marry, their love too great to deny any longer.

Brenda's Review 

I really enjoyed this historical romance.The characters are real to life and easy to love.
After all of the things that kept going wrong on the day of the wedding,I was beginning to wonder if it was going to happen.
I think what I liked the most was the fact that in spite of the wrong going on's,the couple remain sort of calm and keep a sense of humor throughout the ordeal.

Susanna is a sweet young woman madly in love with her husband to be Viscount Camden Beckinworth. Which in those days was rare to love the one you are to marry.Also in those days many married men had lovers on the side and you just looked the other way.(Thankful that times has changed.)
Camden loved Susanna as well.So much so that on their wedding he had to beat the pulp out her brother in law.(Scum bag that he was)

The over all story was very nice and flowed nicely and was well plotted out. Made for a great reading experience.I personally loved this short story!

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Amber Daulton said...

LOVE it! Thanks so much for a genuine, great review.

Brenda Romine said...

You are very welcome. Glad to have had the chance to reads it. :)