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Keepers Of The Flame Series

Keepers Of The Flame Series by Melissa F. Hart

Book Descriptions

#1 The Stone Protector
A few months to her 17th birthday, Luanne Kylor begins to experience weird attacks. When she’s almost killed at a shopping mall, her grandmother decides that enough is enough and hires a bodyguard. Even though she’s immediately attracted to Dylan, a bodyguard is the last thing she needs as she’s trying desperately to blend in.

What most people don’t know is that Luanne belongs to a family of vampires. But not just any vampires; they are known as the BORN breed because they were born into their heritage. They are a sort of vampire evolution and Dylan is a member of the Protector Order of the BORN breed.

Forging a tentative bond, Luanne and Dylan come together and both face those that have been haunting Luanne for over four years. They had murdered her entire family and now they’re after her. Survival has suddenly turned into a very dangerous game. Will Dylan succeed in saving her or will she have to look inward and find the strength to save herself? What is her connection to the stone in the pendant around her neck?

Book #2 The Stone Keeper

After a hectic year when she comes close to death, Luanne Kylor is finally getting her life back in order. She’s a few months from her 18th birthday and is a freshman in the nearby college. She has finally managed to blend in and would pass for any other young woman on campus. But Luanne is different. She is a BORN vampire; that evolved breed of vampires who were born into their heritage and are as close to mortal as a vampire can get.

Just like most young women, she’s in love with Dylan. The only problem is, after they exchanged one kiss, Dylan has kept his distance from her. Several phone calls later, she’s finally decided to move on and start dating. Only Dylan has something to say about that and Luanne’s date turns violent.

In the midst of all the drama, her grandmother is abducted. Once again, the stone pendant Luanne wears is the answer to the mystery. Together, she and Dylan set out on a journey back to England, the country of Luanne’s birth in order to rescue her grandmother, and discover why the stone is of such importance.

Book #3 The Flame Keepers

Luanne and Dylan are finally in London at the headquarters of the Order of the Protectors, one of the orders of the BORN vampire breed. They are on the trail of a rogue vampire who abducted Luanne’s grandmother. They are attacked almost as soon as they get to London this puts a strain in their newly blossoming relationship.

After receiving a text message, Luanne decides to go after the rogue vampire on her own. The trail leads her to her former home, where her whole family was murdered. As she faces a familiar enemy, she also has to face an old fear and trust a new love.

Luanne gets to realize the power of love and with that, she reclaims her ability to trust. With her memories of her family, she finds the power to defeat the enemy and embrace her true calling.

Brenda's Review

This is an amazingly addictive series. Though a short one,it is well worth the read!!

Luanne is forced into situations that endanger her life and the whole existence of the vampire breed.She is the protector of a stone that appeared to her on her 13th birthday.There haven't been a protector in hundreds of years.The stone she now wears around her neck has powers.Powers that help her in many ways.

Dylan ~ A member of the "Protector Order of Born Breed" has come into Luanne's life as her bodyguard.Hired by her grandmother. There was a connection between them from the start. As they bonded and became closer,the forces beyond their control has come between them and Luanne is missing. Dylan must find the strength within himself to find her and save her from her captors.

I loved this series.It's fast paced and full of action and mystery.The words flow so nicely and story plot is perfect!Very impressed with the way Melissa can come out with her stories so fast and draw in the readers and snag them into the pages from the very start.

You really need to give her stories a try,once you start you won't stop until have read them all!!

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