Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review / Heaven Only Knows by David McLaren

Tony Bell is a hard-nosed police detective who takes early retirement to look after his newly born granddaughter, Ellie.

When she is abducted on her twelfth birthday and her body is found floating in the River Tyne, Tony gets angry, really angry.

He won’t rest until he brings her killer to justice.

David McLaren is also the author of Saving Starfish and Hotel Le Brambily

SAVING STARFISH is my first book. Set against the background of two world wars, it explores the universal themes of love, fear and heroism. Christian is a young SS officer, when he finds his love of his life in Auschwitz he faces the the ultimate challenge.

HOTEL LE BRAMBILY is a novel about found/lost and found again love. Phillip Joseph meets a ghost on the day JFK is killed. Can he find her again.

My Review:

I am excited to say that Heaven Only Knows is a must read.  David McLaren blew me away.  I'm a James Patterson fan and David's writing is right up there on the charts with Patterson with his crime/suspense.  I am thoroughly impressed and a new fan!

This story is told from both the grandfather's and the granddaughter's point of view.

Tony is a retired Detective and is helping his daughter raise her children now that her husband was killed in war.  Tony's granddaughter, Ellie, is abducted on her twelfth birthday.  Tony does everything he can to find her but when her body turns up in the river he puts everything he has into finding the one responsible.

Ellie's side of the story brought tears to my eyes.  As the mother of a ten year old daughter it broke my heart for her as she suffered and feared for her life.
My Butterfly Rating:

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