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Concrete Angel By Carly Wallace

Concrete Angel By Carly Wallace

Book Description

Ethereal is more than her name it will become her state of mind. After a sudden loss Ethereal is given a choice in her afterlife. Choices are all it takes sometimes to find the forgiveness to move on. However the things we learn through our choices may lead to bigger and better things, both inside and out.

A Little About The Author 

Meet Carly.....

 Carly Wallace is a woman with a dream, living in Texas where the sky is as endless as the heat. Carly pursues her dream of writing while bringing new and talented Indie authors to the front line. She reads and reviews independent books as well as writes promotional blurbs and marketing material. The Paranormal Book Club, Alchemy of Anne's Anomalies, PDMI inc and Injected Ink Publishing comprise her literary family. Carly is an ally and great friend to some of the best independent authors and freshest voices of today.

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How about a few reviews onConcrete Angel ;
Brenda Romine;  5 Stars soon as I finished this I said.."Good Job Carly" :D
This story about love and abuse and afterlife is amazing! Totally loved it! I love how you at first hate the livin' daylights out of Nathan,then after you learn of his past you kinda think "No wounder he was the way he was,he didn't even have a chance at a normal life".You have to learn to forgive,then move on.
Great book Carly!! Proud of you!

K.d. ;  5 Stars

The author did an amazing job at pulling me into the story without it feeling at all rushed or forced. I instantly harbored an intense hatred for Nathan and an equally immediate and strong connection with Ethereal. In all honesty, I am amazed at the talent of this author, as even though it was a short story/novella, it still reached me with such emotional force that I felt that though it had only been 13 pages, I was joined in some way with the main character as if I had shared in every moment with her. This is a breathtaking read by an outrageously talented author, and I certainly recommend it...though, as a fair warning, have a box of tissues close at hand.

Alexia Purdy;  5 Stars
Ethereal lived the life she dreamed of. That is, until one fateful day her boyfriend loses control. She is offered a position as a concrete Angel, escorting souls to the light and cleansing them of taint. But will she get her vengeance?

Awesome short story! It was extremely sad and heartfelt but flowed easily. We get to see Ethereal evolve over the year that she serves as a concrete angel, coming to life at night and caring for the newly departed. Vivid descriptions bring her world to life and you feel every bit of her heartaches and regrets. I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to possibly more to Ethereal’s story? I hope so!

A. Sweeny ; 5 Stars
Beautiful and haunting Carly Wallace lets the emotions pour out in this devastating and beautiful tale. It left me chilled to the bone and at the same time warmed my heart with the sensitivity that the words carried with them. I thought about this story long after I finished it.


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