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Lynxar Series by Melissa F. Hart

Lynxar Series By Melissa F. Hart

Book Description

Lynxar Series: Books 1-6 (6-Book Bundle)

Book 1: Lynxar 
Book 2: Lynxar's Choices 
Book 3: Lynxar's Legacy 
Book 4: Lynxar's Ghost 
Book 5: The Ghost Rises 
Book 6: Triumph of the Ghost 

Book 1

Scientist Dr. Rachel Deering hopes that her invention will lead her to find meteorites from outer space, but instead it leads her into an abandoned alley where trouble awaits. Fortunately, Rachel is rescued by a strange man with very surprising abilities. When he reveals to her that his name is Lynxar and that he is actually an alien from another world, Rachel vows to help him get back home. But can she do it before General Kriptoff finds them and uses Rachel’s research for his own evil purposes? Rachel certainly intends to try, but the one thing she didn’t count on was falling deeply in love with the handsome alien she was dedicated to sending home.

Book 2

Scientist Dr. Rachel Deering has fallen in love with Lynxar, the alien who has become a super-hero of sorts, by defending the people of Colossal City with his extraordinary abilities. That’s why it worries her that Lynxar has lost his ability to regenerate from injuries; a sure sign that he has an infection that will kill him if left untreated. It is Rachel’s greatest hope and worst fear combined, when an alien woman named Lynxonna comes to fetch Lynxar and take him home to their planet of Flonar. Her fear is magnified when it is revealed that Lynxar was once betrothed to this incredibly beautiful alien woman. Will Lynxar leave with Lynxonna and be healed by his people’s medical technologies, or will he stay with Rachel and possibly die of an infection? Rachel’s fate and indeed that of all the citizens of Colossal City, could depend on Lynxar’s choice.

Book 3

Dr. Rachel Deering owes the life of her husband, Lynxar, to the alien woman who saved him, Lynxonna. Unfortunately, Lynxonna has fallen into the hands of General Kriptoff, who intends to use her DNA to create an army of super-soldiers to siege Colossal City. After a week of searching for her, Rachel fears Lynxonna might well be dead, until inspiration hits and she discovers the secret lair where Kriptoff is hiding her. Can Lynxar use his extraordinary abilities to rescue her from an entire army of enhanced soldiers all by himself? Will Rachel ever see either one of them again? Or will Kriptoff successfully put an end to Lynxar’s legacy?

Book 4

Alien super-hero Lynxar and his wife Dr. Rachel Deering have gained in fame and popularity since giving birth to their baby daughter. When they attend a reception party being held by billionaire Bryan Hillman, tragedy ends with their host gaining super-powers of his own. As Bryan struggles with his new powers, he also tries to develop a romance with the beautiful news reporter Vicky Campbell. Then Lynxar decides to take a trip away from Earth and Bryan realizes that it will be up to him to protect the citizens of Colossal City from evil. His ability to turn invisible earns him the name the Ghost, but does he have what it takes to be the super-hero the city needs him to be?


Bryan Hillman can’t believe how much his life has improved since becoming the super-hero known as the Ghost. Not only does he possess super-human powers, including the ability to turn invisible, but he has found true love with his girlfriend Vicky Campbell. When the evil gangster known as the Mafia King discovers Bryan’s feelings for Vicky, however, it puts her into a deadly situation. Can the Ghost rise to the occasion and save her, or is he finally out of his depth?


Bryan Hillman has been protecting the citizens of Colossal City as the super-hero known as the Ghost, but when Lynxar returns, he doesn’t like the idea of being replaced. Old enemies quickly unite, however, and threaten everything the super-heroes hold dear. If Lynxar and the Ghost are going to defeat General Kriptoff and the Mafia King, they’ll have to find a way to work together. What will take for good to triumph over evil, and can Bryan discover the answer in time?

Brenda's Review

What an exciting series. You have beautiful aliens with purple hair that happen to be Super Heros,Mafia guys,Scientist,a crazed general who is out to get them all and use them for his own evil purposes,Mystery,Love,Love Making,Marriages,Half Human Half Alien Baby,And tons of action!!

Melissa puts a whole new twist to her "Love Story Telling." She braves the unknown and brings you into the age of combining two spieces into the art of a love story with the zing of action and caos. 

The characters are all loveable and hate worthy. Very vivid and life like.This is a fast paced series that with leave you holding your breath wondering what's going to happen next.I quite enjoyed this series and was pleased to see there will more coming this fall!!

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