Friday, May 17, 2013

Review / Children of Time by Eric R. Johnston

Shawna McCullough is enjoying a quiet evening with a book when her six-year-old daughter, Alexis, awakens and talks of dreaming about her own death, describing it in vivid detail. They fall asleep next to each other, but when Shawna wakes up just after midnight, instead of her daughter, she discovers a strange man in her bed. She also now has two daughters, neither of them Alexis, and she’s nine months pregnant.
This is only the beginning of the strangeness as she discovers the man is just as confused as she is. He is Mark LaValley, a police officer who claims to have been killed in this same house years earlier while answering a domestic dispute between her and her husband, a dispute that led to his death. Except in this reality, he is no longer a police officer but a substitute teacher.
It isn’t long before Shawna and Mark realize they have been entrusted with guarding “the children of time,” as a demon known as Zuriz Falcon, who has been exiled to another realm, sends his henchman to kidnap the girls, including the one she’s pregnant with. Only with the powers of these three “children” and that of a collection of unique books can Falcon be released from the dark realm to unleash his evil upon the world.

Children of Time

Author: Eric R. Johnston
Print ISBN: 9781939865250
E-Book ISBN: 9781939865267
Genre: Time Travel, Dark Fantasy
Release Date 05/15/2013

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About the Author:

Eric R. Johnston is the author of An Inner Darkness, A Light in the Dark, Harvester: Ascension, and Children of Time.
When he isn't writing, he is editing and substitute teaching at local high schools and middle schools. He also enjoys running and weight lifting.
He lives in Imlay City, Michigan with his fiance, daughter, and two step-daughters.
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My Review:
This was a fantastic read! Children of Time was not at all what I expected. This story is packed full of action and the darkness of another world.  As I read Children of Time I felt that I was part of that story, that world came to life around me.
I have not read any of Eric R. Johnston's other books but I am definitely going to buy them this weekend.
Shawna goes to bed one night with a six year old but when she wakes up in the middle of the night she is very pregnant, has two children that are not hers, and there is a strange man in her bed.  What in the world is going on?
Mark has no idea what he is doing in Shawna's house.  As far as he knows he's dead.  In his previous life he was a police officer that died at the hands of Shawna's husband, her now-dead-husband.  But Mark isn't dead, nor is he a police officer, now he is a substitute at the local high school.
The children that are in their care are the children of time, they need to protect them from Falcon otherwise the world will destroy itself.
This is a great read for anyone that loves dark fantasy.  For those asking about the language, there is some language.
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Eric Johnston said...

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked it.

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I loved it and will promote your books on my page!