Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review / The End The Book:Part One by J.L. Robb

Not a cloud in the blue Atlanta sky, Jeffrey Ross made his morning visit to the Dunwoody Starbucks, expecting this day to be like any other. It wouldn't. Samarra Russell left her meeting at Emory Medical Center after receiving the strange call and wondered if it had anything to do with her immunology research at CDC. It was a secret, or was supposed to be. Going home as instructed, Samarra opened the box of Valentine candy on the kitchen counter and collapsed. Before losing her balance, Samarra
recognized the small finger, severed and still wearing the tiny ring she gave him for his 7th birthday. Her precious son. She opened the note after regaining limited senses and read. If she didn't want to receive young Thomas Russell's head in a box, she
would do as instructed., br. And she did.

Author Bio:
J.L. Robb is a published author, a free lance writer, a US Navy Corpsman Veteran (1968-74), past president of the Duluth Civitan Club and cancer survivor. He has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from North Carolina State University.

Robb has published two novels in the seven-book series of The End The Book and writes a weekly column for the Omega Letter, a Canadian Newsletter concerning Middle East politics from a Biblical perspective.

After reading the Bible, the author’s research convinced him that God is no myth; and the Bible is truth. Through his studies of the Old and New Testaments and the Quran, he has become convinced that the Biblical end may really be near.

Follow Author J.L. Robb as he weaves a titillating tale of mystery and intrigue that Hollywood has tried but failed to produce, a story that will keep the reader on the edge of his seat, until The End. A thriller and love story, The End The Book tells a story of what you might do if you found out the end really was near. Jihad terrorism meets the Bible Belt.

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My Review:

The End Times is one of my favorite subjects. The End The Book is along the lines of The Left Behind series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were beautifully written. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

I love how J.L. Robb portrayed the main character, Jeff. Jeff is not a spiritual man, doesn't really believe anything in the Bible. Though after all the disasters and talking with the bartender about the events happening all around them, he is beginning to rethink his beliefs.

Yes, this book talks about God and biblical talk about the end times but J.L. Robb's story wasn't written as tool to preach the gospel. It is a great fiction novel with biblical prophesy woven in.

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