Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review of Hellhound by Kaylie Austen

Selene is the Hellhound, a powerful and ruthless descendent of the Greek gods. She is bound by tradition and tied by bloodlines to lead her people against the mortals. Although she is arranged to marry Nathanial, she falls for Demetrius, the self-professed Black Angel, and things take a bitter twist. When she stumbles across the corpses of her father and Nathanial, all eyes move in on Demetrius. Selene must take the assignment to hunt down her accused lover. Facing the untrustworthy cerebral chamber, powerful shape-shifting sentinels, superhuman archers, and a deceitful Council, the Hellhound must work quickly to uncover the truth before she is forced to annihilate her lover.
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About the Author
Kaylie Austen was born in India, and raised in Austin, Texas where she attended the University of Texas. Her multi-cultural upbringing fueled her desire for languages, cultures, and travel. Kaylie is perhaps best known for her sudden and infectious laugh. She enjoys anything science fiction and fantasy related, and writes in both genres for adults and young adults.
Kaylie began writing at the tender age of ten, and completed her first novel at the age of sixteen. Throughout her school years, her writing earned trophies, awards, publication in scholastic magazines, and scholarships. Kaylie currently lives in beautiful Washington State with an amazing husband. She loves to hear from readers, so feel free to contact her.
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My Review:
I'm not sure where to begin, "wow" just doesn't seem to cut it.  This book was amazing.  The characters were beautifully written.  The story itself was like my own personal quicksand...meaning that once I stepped foot into the world of Hellhound, the story sucked me further and further into that world until I was completely lost in it.  This is one book that you do not want to miss out on.  You have some mystery, some romance (the forbidden kind of romance), and you have the magical elements of the Greek gods.  All of these things make for a fun and exciting read.
Selene, the Hellhound, is supposed to take a throne and lead but her desires are to live her own life away from home.  Her parents arranged for her to marry Nathanial but her heart seeks one that is like her, one that holds her same desires, Demetrius.
When she rebels and leaves home to be with Demetrius, to live life as a tracker and hunt down criminals, it upsets some of the council, especially Nathanial and his father.  Sadly, things take a drastic turn for the worse.  Her own father and Nathanial have been murdered.  When the eye witness reveals the murderer as Demetrius she is given the mission of hunting him down.
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