Monday, May 6, 2013

Soul Games by Nine Great Authors

Soul Games By Jamie Dougherty,Leah D.T., Sacha Hope,

W.H.Nielson,Deborah Noel,Monique O'Connor James,

Alexia Purdy,Nadege Richards,Carly Wallace.

Book Description

When the "Higher Power" grows bored and restless games are made. Souls are torn apart for fun, more souls are used in wicked collector games, and souls are twisted in cruel destinies.

This anthology is a collective piece of work to show different and beautifully crafted ideas of the plight ones soul must endure. Simple love and life are tainted and broken in these stories of love, betrayal, longing, and fate.

Brenda's Review

Wow! Great job everyone on this collection of some pretty awesome creepy reads.There five of these stories that were like "WHAT THE??? HOLY CRAP!! THESE NEED TO BE FULL BLOWN NOVELS!!" I really enjoyed reading this!! Thank you Carly Wallace for the chance to read this amazing collection! 

Ok~ In a short repsonse to each story;

FUSE ~ Alexia Purdy - Pretty fracken awesome!
Haunted Mind ~ Deborah Noel - Lesson Learned, Cruel Fate :)
Masqurerade ~ Leah D.W. - FREAKY!! But in a good freakish way :)
Musical Scares ~ Monique O'Connor James - Just Plain Creepy!! No more funhouses for me!
A Shifted Soul ~ Jamie Dougherty - Serves him right!!
Broken Lily ~ Cary Wallace - HOLY CRAP CARLY!! This needs to be a novel,there's so much more you could put into this. Loved it!
Chance Encounters or Destiny ~ W.H.Nielson - LOVED IT!!! Novel worthy!
Mirror Mirror ~ Sasha Hope - OHHHH, I love a wicked mind!! 
A Sinful Harmony ~ Nadege Richards - Loved it!! BOMB!

All in all ~ You all rocked it!! Loved it!!!!

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