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Children of Time Blog Tour

I'm very happy to be today's stop on this blog tour. Children of Time was a phenomenal book and I hope you check it out!

Today Eric is sharing his inspiration for his book.

Inspiration for Children of Time

After completing A Light in the Dark, I began a novel I called Temporal Winter. The title came from a play on the phrase “nuclear winter,” which describes a particularly bad outcome of a nuclear war. This story was about a war between time periods instead of nations. In the distant future, humans develop “temporal weapons” that have the ability to erase people or events from history. The novel opened up with a temporal attack on the present.

The idea was inspired by a Star Trek: Voyager episode called “Year of Hell.” In that episode, a man obsessed with getting his dead family back, develops temporal weapons that he fires at various planets or civilizations, erasing them from history, thus changing the timeline. The idea was that one of these history changes would result in a timeline in which he could be together again with his family.

The novel just wasn’t working. Maybe it was too difficult, or maybe I couldn’t stop thinking about the how the fate of the villain of A Light in the Dark was left pretty ambiguous. I kept thinking about the dark world he’d been exiled to…thinking about what he was doing there. So I decided to write another novel that I called City of Evil or City of Darkness (I never could decide between the two).

The novel’s setting was a dark world full of the most horrible things one could imagine. And it was intended that way. I knew this world was created just for this devilish creature, so I put my mind to the task of imagining one that would be perfect for him, while simultaneously putting in a touch of humor. You see, deep down, Zuiriz Falcon is more of a jokester than anything. In a way, he is kind of like my version of The Joker.

When I finished City of Evil/Darkness, I realized I didn’t have enough story for a full-length novel, and what I had served better as back-story to something better anyway. So I put it that aside and began working on Temporal Winter again. Then it dawned on me that these were actually two parts of the same story, that it was really the demon in the dark world affecting time, not humans from the future.

Another source of inspiration for Children of Time comes from the inspiration for my previous novels. An Inner Darkness and A Light In the Dark were heavily inspired by Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Latter books of the series dealt with metafiction, I thought it would only be appropriate if I added elements of metafiction into Children of Time. This not only ties the book a bit closer to the series that in part inspired it, but also brings this book closer to the books that serve as its background.

Merriam-Webster defines “metafiction” as “fiction which refers to or takes as its subject fictional writing and its conventions.” In other words, the novel refers inwardly on itself and the books on which it’s connected.

Children of Time is not a direct sequel to An Inner Darkness and A Light in the Dark, nor a third part to this series. It is meant as a stand-alone novel that makes references to other novels, much like a historical novel would rely on real events as part of its background.  Just as you do not need to be an expert in the civil war to enjoy Cold Mountain, you do not need to have read An Inner Darkness or A Light in the Dark to enjoy Children of Time. 

If you have not purchased your copy of Children of Time the links are below with the cover photo and blurb.

Shawna McCullough is enjoying a quiet evening with a book when her six-year-old daughter, Alexis, awakens and talks of dreaming about her own death, describing it in vivid detail. They fall asleep next to each other, but when Shawna wakes up just after midnight, instead of her daughter, she discovers a strange man in her bed. She also now has two daughters, neither of them Alexis, and she’s nine months pregnant.
This is only the beginning of the strangeness as she discovers the man is just as confused as she is. He is Mark LaValley, a police officer who claims to have been killed in this same house years earlier while answering a domestic dispute between her and her husband, a dispute that led to his death. Except in this reality, he is no longer a police officer but a substitute teacher.
It isn’t long before Shawna and Mark realize they have been entrusted with guarding “the children of time,” as a demon known as Zuriz Falcon, who has been exiled to another realm, sends his henchman to kidnap the girls, including the one she’s pregnant with. Only with the powers of these three “children” and that of a collection of unique books can Falcon be released from the dark realm to unleash his evil upon the world.

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