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Review / Unnatural Selection by Thomas Pryce

A deadly mix of plague and environmental disaster forces a small group to seek refuge in an underwater facility. Located off the coast of California, Pacifica was originally conceived to study alternative energy systems and algae farms as part of America's continued effort to go green. Who knew that its greatest service would be as sanctuary for the human race. 

Jesse Baines is one of the fortunate few to make it down to Pacifica-although Jesse doesn't feel all that lucky. Unlike most, Jesse finds Pacifica confining and bleak. And after his parents are lost-one to plague, the other to disease-he wants out more than ever. But leaving Pacifica is easier said than done.

When a mission back to land is authorized Jesse finally gets his chance. And what the team finds is startling and strange, the environment so vastly altered as to be another planet entirely. Every step upon the cauterized soil brings new adventure, the mystery as deep and dark and dangerous as the Marianas Trench. The obvious threats of cannibalism, disease, and searing radiation turn out to be only the beginning.

Why do the majority of the survivors have dark skin? What caused the deadly plague and global decline? Come face to face with a creature of impossible origins. Discover the secrets of a strange new world, and the unfathomable forces behind it all. And most of all, find out if you have the Darwinian vigor to survive.

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A former high school science teacher from NY, Thomas Pryce now lives in south Florida where he runs a small business.  In the wee whiles between work and goofing off and exploring the world, he writes.  He has a BS in Biology from Mercy College and an MA in Oceanography from WCSU.  Unnatural Selection is his first published novel.

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A deadly mix of plague and environmental disaster...

That first line in the synopsis is what had me saying yes.  I knew that this was a book that I couldn't pass up.  I'm glad I read Unnatural Selection, not only did I find a great book but I have found another author to add to my favorite author list.

Unnatural Selection was a well written, fast paced, keep you on the edge of your seat apocalyptic book.  The depth of the characters was amazing, I grew close to them, felt like I actually knew them.  I thoroughly enjoyed following Jessie around on his journey.  He was a fun character to get to know.

Pacifica is a sanctuary for the survivors after the world faces the plague, deadly sun rays, and humans turning into cannibals.  The only safe place for those unaffected by the plague is this underwater home.

Living underwater can get depressing after a while.  As humans we naturally crave the sun, fresh air, and the beauty of nature.  Jessie is facing this very thing and is itching to leave Pacifica, to be on land once again.  When he gets the chance to go on a mission up on land, he can't get there fast enough.

What he finds once he is on dry land again isn't at all what he had hoped for.  After their original mission is complete Jessie plans a mission of his own, one that brings many surprises.

If you get the chance to get this book, I highly recommend it.  It was fun, suspenseful, and never failed to hold my attention.

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