Friday, August 16, 2013

Betrayal's Allure by Kassandra Lockwood

Betrayal's Allure by Kassandra Lockwood

Book Description

Drake and Adrian are best friends. They work together and each trusts the other with his life. But they are assassins, and trust only goes so far, especially when there's a woman involved. That woman is Claire. Adrian loves her. Drake wants her. What happens when a woman comes between killers for hire?

***This is a short erotic story intended for mature audiences. It contains adult language, violence and strong sexual situations.

Brenda's Review

Hahaha... You got me!! I was thinking the whole time while reading this,What a slut!She needs to be put in her place! Then I was thinking, how the two men (who suppose to be friends)could betray their friendship and partnership by messing with the others so called love.You got me!! 

This was an easy read that flowed nicely and could have easily been a full novel. There are a lot of possiblities with this story line! But over all....I really liked it.The writing was awesome and the way the author plotted out the story was awesome! 

This was one of those stories that make you feel the brayal and anger you all at the same time!
Great job Kassandra,I look forward to more of your work.

I highly recommend this book!! A little sexy and lot of mystery!

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