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Blog Take-Over with Tiffany Carmouché

Guest blog from Dylan Richardson ©2013 of The Alaskan Heart Saga by Tiffany Carmouche.  The first book The Impostor, A Love Story, The second novel Obsession and Sacrifice and the third novel coming out August 15th Becoming Invisible.

“Hi, my name is Dylan Richardson from the Alaskan Heart Saga by Tiffany Carmouché.  Yeah, I know. I don’t have the best reputation when it comes to women. It ‘s not that I don’t like them. It’s just I never found one that could keep my interest.

 But suddenly this messed up feeling is taking over and I don’t know what it is. This has never happened to me before. Time seems to stop when our eyes meet. And when I am on stage, my fingers, my fingers forget what they are doing on the guitar when I look at you. Damn this is screwed up. 

When you talk to me it is like the world is a background buzz and your lips, your beautiful lips captivate me with each word that is spoken. I live for you, breathe for you. I would die for you.

Let me spoil you. Let me show you things you have never seen before. Let me help you feel things you have never felt before.

Kissing you is like a narcotic I can’t get enough of.  A sweet nectar, I savor. I need you. And to touch you… I never have wanted anyone. Now I don’t know how to exist without you.

Let me take you on a journey. Take my hand and let’s jump into the pages of the book, The Impostor,  A Love Story or Obsession and Sacrifice, together and disappear. Say you will be my Nicole. Let me take you in my arms. Say you will remember what we had. Close your eyes. That is right. Relax. Let go. MMM this is going to be so nice. Yes, take my hand. Let me show you how much I love you. Are you ready? One, two, three…I promise it will be worth it…Let’s go.” ~ Dylan Richardson of The Alaskan Heart Saga by Tiffany Carmouche. 


What are people saying about The Alaskan Heart Saga?

“…Suspense, love and sleepless nights.” Samantha Truedale, USA

“…A riveting story that tugged at my heart…” Kristina Snyder “It simply blew me away.” 

“Intrigue, Deception, Romance and the beauty of the rugged Alaskan landscape…are the settings for Tiffany Carmouche’s masterpiece of writing.” ~ Theresa Stuart, California

“…A crazy thrill ride and I never want to get off.” Justine Vandale, Canada “…It's fast- paced and heart pounding. It was such a rush!” 

“…Outstanding romance, intrigue, suspense & action.” Nicki Wilson, UK

Getting to know author Tiffany Carmouche ~
Me? I’m a single mother... a survivor... a dreamer... a hopeless romantic... and an adventurer... Sassy, persistent, spontaneous, and too trusting

The third novel in The Alaskan Heart Saga, Becoming Invisible comes out in a little over a week! I would love for you to come to the online release party!


Best Selling Author Tiffany Carmouche has been given the title, The Queen of The Cliffhanger and Best Unknown Author You Need to Discover. When Tiffany Carmouché is not writing suspenseful romance novels, you can find her sculpting, traveling, teaching, singing, dancing, escaping in music or enjoying her family.

From skydiving in Alaska to scuba diving in Hawaii, Carmouché has traveled the world seeking adventure and it is apparent in the books she writes. Her adventures include riding camels in Africa, swimming under the stars in Puerto Rico, dancing salsa in Ecuador, and walking the cobblestone roads of Assisi, Italy. She has also found fulfillment working with the disabled and orphans in Argentina and Mexico. Her most cherished moments, however, have been watching her two beautiful daughters grow and strive to accomplish their own dreams.

Despite all of these amazing experiences, she has survived many struggles. There was a time she felt defeated, but now she is recommitted to savoring experiences both in the novels she writes and in the life she lives each day. Her secret hope is that anyone who is struggling will realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel and no matter how hard the fight, no matter how many times they have been knocked down, it is always worth staggering up to their feet and learning to breathe again. Please visit my author page at

Here is a little info about the first two books:

Book Trailer The Impostor, A Love Story~ The first book in The Alaskan Heart Saga

"Impostor by Tiffany Carmouche - 5 STARS Holy Mother Hell!!!

This book shocked the hell out of me. I am SO happy that I read it. Tiffany - the way you write, it's amazing!!! You captivated me this entire day. I did not get any work done...Now I know what you're thinking. Alaska? There isn't anything sexy about Alaska. It's cold there and you can see Russia from your backyard and watch moose.

Well, that's where you're wrong. Alaska is HOTTTTT. Brad, I feel in love with him from the instant I 'met' him.

At the bar, they have a band. Sweet right. Dylan a member of the band, CRAZY HOTT!! I'm talking Christian Grey meets snow covered mountains, minus the BSDM. Right??!!?? I know...

So Nicole and Emily work in this bar with Sexy Smooth Talker Brad as the manager and CRAZY HOTT Dylan in the band. They also have this super HOTT friend Chris (he's my Alaskan Gideon, who is super mysterious and I LOVE it)

All is well and dandy and moving progressively until BAM! There is a murderer on the loose who is looking to kill girls that look JUST LIKE NICOLE.

Then there are some conflicting emotions .. Brad or Dylan .. Dylan or Brad .. oh hell, I wouldn't be able to choose!!!

This book has everything to keep you on the edge of your seat. Sexual Tension, TEQUILA, naive girls, killers, suspense, crazy abusive ex boyfriends, dirty cops, SEX ON A STICK ...

...BOOK 2... I need it now. ***CAUTION*** CLIFF

We totally give this book 5 our of 5 stars!!! Buy it NOW!!!" ~2 Chicks and a Blog

Book Trailer of Obsession and Sacrifice~ The second book in The Alaskan Heart Saga

“Excellent! - Obsession & Sacrifice is here & it did not disappoint! The second of the trilogy gives you a tiny re-cap of the last chapter from the ‘The Impostor’ & sets the atmosphere ready for the roller-coaster of a read that awaits you! Once again the authors’ descriptive writing connects you right at the heart of the outstanding romance, intrigue, suspense & action. Yet again, Tiffany has written another book that I just couldn’t put down. There are so many different aspects to this book & the author has succeeded in making every chapter progress & flow at an exhilarating pace. Overall it’s a 10/10 from me & I’m here pacing the floor again, ready for the book”. –Nichole Walsh


The Impostor, A Love Story Amazon Link
Obsession and Sacrifice Amazon Link 

The Impostor, A Love Story First book in series B&N
Obsession and Sacrifice Barnes and Noble

Where to stalk me J   Paperback  The Impostor, A Love Story Fan made trailer  The Impostor  Fan made trailer Obsession and Sacrifice  Facebook Obsession fan page!buy-now/c1j7z  Where to buy the books info link  Amazon Author Page

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