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Love & Betrayal on the Santa Fe

In 1859 the opportunities for women were scant unless one wished to take a chance. Calico Benson, a gentle bred woman wanting the security of marriage and family, answered an ad in the “Matrimonial News,” where men were advertising for wives. Along with five other women, Calico set out on the Santa Fe Trail hoping to find love at the end of the trip. What they all found was nothing short of a hellish nightmare journey. Follow Calico and the others while they seek safe haven at the end of the Santa Fe Trail. Join them as they meet the savage and the civil on their passage. Will their dreams be fulfilled or lost along the way?


Chapter 1


Excitement filled the air. Anticipation pulsed through each man as the group of six hid along the ridge. Thunderous noise deafened any words spoken between them. It didn’t matter. These braves worked together as a team many times before.
On hands and knees they moved closer to their goal. Running Bear took the lead. Tasa followed closely behind.
The skin of the old buffalo robe bore heavily down on Tasa. Thick unsettled dust that formed from the herd’s movements stung his eyes and choked his throat. His body, which glistened only moments ago, now dripped with sweat as the sun’s rays beat on the dark animal skin. A few more steps and he would be next to the herd. His arrow already found its place against his bow. Well defined arm muscles tensed in readiness.
Since the herd was already moving more than at a leisurely pace, once the braves exposed themselves the danger would increase tenfold. The pack would stampede.
As if in a choreographed dance, the braves threw off their burdens and fired rapidly into the nearest bulls. Tasa’s strong legs kept him running along side of the large animal. Reloading and firing until all quivers were empty, two of the mammoth beings went down.
The disturbance unsettled the remaining large beasts. In a group, all responded in terror. The rambling thunder increased, and the earth danced as it carried the vibrations.
Hunters sought refuge behind the fallen creatures as the pounding hooves of the frightened herd careened over the bodies of the lost. Finally, only a few stray enormous animals remained as if uninterested in the events happening around them. Three more buffalo sacrificed their lives for the good of mankind before the day was over.
Running Bear led the songs to the Creator, giving thanks for the bounty from this day’s work.
Unlike hunts in the past only the men took part today. There would be no women, no children, or old men to help.
The few other people were back in camp, nursing the ill. This band had separated from the main tribe as they moved to their summer grounds. White man’s disease had come to them. Two members had already died. One old man and the newest child, only three months old, had perished. The rest, who took ill, fortunately survived.
The buffalo herd coming so close to them was considered a good sign. Soon, all tribe members would be strong. In a few days they could continue their way to the main group. The delay from butchering, preparing the meat, and skins, would be worth the time.
The hunters were too far away to hear. The seventy year old man, who was unable to prevent the slaughter, laid dead - his great grandson by his side. A blood covered blade was still gripped tightly in his hand. Four women and six children managed to flee into the woods and hide.
White Dove and Spring Flower weren’t as fortunate. They were sitting at the fire preparing a meal when the attackers came. For them there would be no place, nor time, to run and hide.
Leading their horses loaded down travoises the braves smelled the smoke. Each glanced nervously at the other. Their pace quickened. Songs of success by the returning hunters turned in to the wails of a death song as they took in the scenes of destruction in front of them.
Lisa Day fell in love with reading Historical Romances years ago. Never did she think she'd want to write one, nor see her writing in print. Lisa is a 'Jersey Girl' who headed south and stayed. If born in the 1800's she would have been in one of those covered wagons going west. Since her husband and their dog love the invention of air-conditioning and her preferences for the other modern comforts of her home, Lisa now travels back in time to the wild west in her mind. 
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