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Isis can control her dreams. Or she could—until recently. The creature in her nightmares has been haunting her for months. As if being dumped wasn’t bad enough, now she dreads going to sleep. She decides to confront the creature and win back some of her peace; only, she finds that he’s not a monster and he’s not a dream.

A sacrifice for love, a shocking discovery and a jealous ex-boyfriend blur the lines between reality and dreams, making it hard to tell who the real monsters are.

Who would’ve known…that sometimes love is lethal?

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Title:   Creatura
Author:  Nely Cab
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Ages 13+
Publication Date:  August 6, 2013
Cover Designed By:  Claudia McKinney of Phatpuppy Art
Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I post a lot of pictures of food. The reason behind those pictures is that I love to cook. Food is one of my passions—so much of a passion, in fact, that I took a one-year culinary course in international cuisine during the brief period I lived in Mexico. Years later, when I was writing Creatura, I wanted to relay that love of cooking through my characters. If you read Creatura, you’ll find that Isis, the main character and her mom, Claire both enjoy cooking. Nyx, mother to the other main character, David, is a masterful cook, as well.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recipe from one of the scenes in the book. I’ve included the scene from which I mention it in. This is one of my favorite scenes, because you can get a feel for the mother-daughter relationship. Following the excerpt, you’ll find my personal recipe for chicken parmesan. I hope you enjoy both the excerpt and the recipe.


EXCERPT: Isis’s Apology Chicken Parmesan Dinner Scene

While I split the chicken breasts for my special apology dinner, Claire sat at the table tapping her fingers.

“You’re not grounded for the rest of your life anymore,” she told me.

“Thanks,” I said. “How long is it for?”

“You’re too old to be grounded. What would I gain from it?”

“You’re the parent. You know what’s best. I’m not arguing the punishment.” I cracked an egg into a glass bowl and began to beat it.

Claire sighed. “What good would it do you? You’re a young adult. Deal with the aftermath of your poor decisions. That’s what’s going to discipline you when you’re on your own—trial and error. You might as well start learning now.”

There was nothing I hated more than having my mother teach me a lesson by making me feel even more conscious of my errors. I couldn’t complain, however; her parenting skills worked like magic on me through my teenybopper phase.

“Ah—the old psychological and emotional torture routine. Thanks. I love that about you, Mom. Adding to the guilt always works on me.”

“I know,” she said. “Remind me to reward myself with something cute next time we’re out shopping.”


Isis’s Apology Chicken Parmesan Recipe


4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, pounded to ½ inch thickness
2 eggs
1 cup all purpose flour
1½ cups breadcrumbs
¼ cup shredded parmesan cheese
1 tsp dried oregano
½ tsp salt
½ tsp ground pepper
½ tsp garlic powder
¾ cups prepared tomato sauce (your choice of marinara or spaghetti)
¾ cups provolone cheese or 4 slices
1 large oven safe dish
Cooking spray
Dried basil


Preheat oven to 400°F/200°C. Spray oven safe dish with cooking spray.

Next, place flour in a bowl and set aside. In a medium bowl, whisk the eggs and set aside. In another bowl, combine breadcrumbs, dried oregano, salt, ground pepper, garlic powder and parmesan cheese.
Dust chicken breasts in flour, then immediately dip in egg and transfer to breadcrumb mixture. Pat breadcrumbs onto chicken breast to completely coat all sides. Transfer chicken breasts to oven dish and spray with cooking spray. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until breadcrumbs are golden and thoroughly cooked. Remove from oven. Top with equal amounts tomato sauce, then provolone. Return to oven and let bake until cheese is bubbling. Add a pinch of dried basil to each chicken breast and serve with your favorite salad and/or pasta.

Nely Cab was born on December 9, 1974, in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. She has lived and resided in a small, quiet South Texas town most of her life. Putting her Computer Accounting skills to use, Cab worked in banking for several years. In 2001, the author relocated to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, where she dedicated time to the study of culinary arts and the art of oil painting. After her return to the U.S., Nely resumed her employment in banking and later transitioned to the field of Social Work.
Today, Nely Cab writes from the comfort of her home, where she lives with her husband and son. Her life goal is to check-off Bucket List Item No. 95,623,351: To Conquer the World. While she aspires world domination, Nely continues to work on her debut series Creatura.

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