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Blog Take Over ~ Bemused and Bedeviled Series

          Bemused and Bedeviled is a series that flowed from my imagination three years ago. Growing up on television series' like Bewitched, the Addams Family, and the Munsters in my childhood, I decided to draw on my love of Mythology and create a hybrid series of screenplays about a dysfunctional celestial family. I imagined the nine traditional Muses involved in sisterly squabbles, reacting to their stringent heavenly parents, and beset by villainous Sirens while they dodged Lucifer's shadowy menace. After coming up with a scenario where Terpsichore meets Dan Gordon and they start a tentative romance, I plunged into a twelve 'episode season'  that introduced the other eight Muses, the three oversexed and completely lethal Sirens, and a Lucifer who's not quite what history had painted him. 

          Besides the disparities between the sisters, each of them bring a different aura to the story. From Euterpe's continual effervescence, Clio's encyclopedic sermons, and Calliope's constant snark, the Muses are so different you won't have trouble differentiating them. The three Sirens – Chanteuse, Calypso, and Celestia – are also characters that will alternately keep you cursing and laughing. The Bemused and Bedeviled universe is slightly disrespectful to organized religion, humorous at times, and underlaid with a sense of constant menace and danger.

          Book One - Terpsichore in Love - brought the slightly narcissistic Muse and an ordinary guy together. As Dan Gordon is slowly welcomed into the family by the other Muses, he finds rough going with Calliope, who calls in a favor with a Siren named Calypso to have Dan killed. When Lucifer finds out that Dan seems to exhibit certain powers he assumes the mortal is the long awaited Mark of Cain (the Antichrist). When Clio, the Muse of the Mind learns of Dan's semi-celestial powers, she starts an investigation into his background. Despite Dan's love for Terpsichore and the acceptance of her sisters Euterpe, Erato, Polyhymnia, Melpomene, and Thalia, Terpsichore has to make a decision about Dan to save him from her Father's wrath and Lucifer's interest.

An Excerpt from Terpsichore in Love ~~~~~ 

Terri rolled off Dan and covered herself with the cool white sheet. She groaned out her satisfaction, turned on her side, and faced the mortal who accepted both her job and body – unlike any other in her travels. His unselfish lovemaking style reminded her of Sir Walter Raleigh; his attention to detail, Michelangelo; and the kinky thing he did in that certain position she liked, Frank Sinatra. She took in his gaze, the one she had grown to love; adoring, worshipful, and accompanied by a healthy amount of lust.

     After Thorvald, I never thought I’d find another human who could make me fall in love so easily. She caressed Dan’s cheek, thrilling to his soft moan. I’d go to the seventh circle of Hell for you. I’d demote to an ordinary mortal if I could. Terri grinned when his finger swirled around her hardened nipple. It’d be easier to convince Father to make you an immortal…or try to turn Calliope into a sweetie again.    

     Dan chuckled when she closed her eyes. “What’cha thinking about, Twinkles?”

     And he came up with an awesome term of affection for me. “Nothing,” she giggled. “Nothing at all, my love.”

     Dan grunted softly. “Then why the big smile? Is it a Muse requirement to smile at nothingness, or is it...your thing?”

     “I’m just happy.” She cuddled closer, exulting at the hot sensation of his arm wrapping around her waist. “Why can’t a beautiful Muse bask in the warm afterglow of a pleasurable time with her mortal lover?”

     She lifted her neck, innately knowing he would start to kiss it. He did. She moaned and dug her fingernails into his back. Dan’s lips brushed against her throat. He bit her skin with a gentleness that curled her toes. The erotic tingles from their lovemaking, receding over the last several minutes, now washed through Terri’s essence once again. Dan’s mouth moved to the side of her head. There, he sucked on her earlobe then whispered softly enough to send chills down her arms.

     “Have you ever been serenaded before?”

     She panicked. What do I say? He might get jealous. Terri bit her lip. “Yes.”

     His breath warmed her ear, sending delightful shivers coursing through her body. “Have you ever been serenaded in bed?”

     Mostly, kinda sorta, yeah. She held her breath. “Yes.”

     “Well….” Dan’s sigh made her exhale, increasing her fears of wounding his ego. “Have you ever been serenaded in bed…by me?”

     “No.” She pushed away and giggled out her relief. “Are you really going to sing to me, Baby?”

     He nodded and crooned the opening lyrics to ‘Xanadu.’ While his off-key rendition left much to be desired, Dan’s tender gaze made her ignore his vocal shortcomings. She twisted her mouth while her eyes blurred from the affectionate gesture. When he reached the chorus, Terri joined in. She trailed her fingers down his chest while he caressed the side of her breast. Their impromptu duet dissolved into merriment until their lips finally met, ending the song in a way she thought was sexy, life-affirming, and oh so yummy.

          Book Two – The Mark of Cain – reunited Terpsichore and Dan but her increasing jealousy about keeping him, along with pressure from her Father, Clio, and Calliope's apparent interest in Dan drives them apart. As Dan succumbs to the charms of the Siren Chanteuse, posing undercover as a co-worker, he learns his destiny is now in the hands of a mysterious group called the Antediluvians who view him as a possible savior.

An Excerpt from The Mark of Cain ~~~

          In the back seat of her Mustang, Chanteuse drew a heart on the fogged-up window while Dan loosened his tie and slumped against the red-vinyl upholstery. Between their hot and heavy make-out sessions, she begged him to accompany her to the home she kept in Manhattan, New York. While his lust kept him in the vehicle, his conscience held firm about taking their relationship to the next level. Chanteuse gave him another day before she claimed his body. For the now, she wanted his soul…and much more.

     “What’s going on inside me right now, Shannon?” Dan exhaled. “And why do you seem to know so much about me?” He inhaled. “And…what are you?”

     She giggled and pressed a fingertip to his lips. “I know you have so many questions, Dan.” She settled in her seat and straightened up her blouse. “Relax and I’ll answer everything I can for you, okay?” She cuddled beside him and purred out her contentment when he put his arm around her. “You’re a very special man, Sweetie. The forces of good and evil are interested in you for their own selfish reasons but I’ve been put here to make sure you stay on the path you’re destined to be on.”

     “You’re helping me fulfill my destiny?” He shrugged out his helplessness. “Who are you, and why am I so special?”

     “Even more queries,” she laughed. She gave him a quick peck. “Just chill out and give me a few minutes to tell you about the grand scheme of things. I promise. You’ll be delighted at what I have to say.”

     “Okay, just remember, I’m not the smartest guy in the world.”

     “First things first,” she said, trying hard to keep the jubilation inside her. “Like yourself, the cosmos is slowly discovering you’re a unique individual. The way you can see Muses, how you can transport yourself and –”

     Hold up,” Dan interrupted. “I promise you I didn’t poof by myself, Shannon.” He shrugged. “Terri said I was channeling Butterfly’s powers when she was –”

     Chanteuse tickled his side and laughed with him. “Mortals can’t channel the powers of celestial beings. That was all you.” She threw her body over him and straddled his waist. “And if we’re right about your true identity, that’s only the yummy tip of your celestial iceberg, Sweetie.”

    “Who is…we, and why are you making me sound like I’m some kind of super hero?” He rubbed his temples. “My head’s killing me, Shannon.”

     “I know. It’s a lot to process.” Chanteuse gently removed his hands from his forehead and massaged it for him. “Just let me talk. After I’m done, everything you need to know…for right now…will be answered.”

     “Alright, no more interruptions,” he said, smiling. “Just keep rubbing my head. It feels awesome.”

     Chanteuse smiled. “I’ve been put here to guide you through your journey, Dan. The secret consortium I work for doesn’t want you to be corrupted by either of the higher powers because we consider you to be a sort of chimera.” She smiled at his confusion. “It’s a combination of different creatures that make up a wholly unique one; which is what you are.” She nuzzled his nose. “We call ourselves the Antediluvians. To put our mission statement in the proverbial nutshell, we’re a third option in the universe. We secretly seek to engulf and sterilize the cosmos of good and evil and replace it with a much needed balance and tranquility.” She sighed when his hands caressed her hips. “We’ve been hiding in plain sight within the ranks and hierarchies of Heaven and Hades since the beginning of time, and we’re finally seeing the various fruits of our labors come to pass.” She ran her hands through his short brown hair and thrilled at his ecstatic moans. “You are the first of three specific signs, Dan.”

     “So how am I supposed to help…redefine the universe?”

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