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The One Left Behind by Lena Nicole

The One Left Behind by Lena Nicole~ Coming Oct. 25,2013

Book Description
Colin and Addison are on their way home when they are caught in a vicious car accident. While Colin walks away with minimal injuries, Addison suffers from a traumatic brain injury causing her to lose her short-term memory. She can’t remember the night of the accident. She doesn’t remember being engaged. She doesn’t remember Colin at all. 

While Addison rebuilds her life, Colin struggles with the fact that the love of his life doesn’t remember him. 
When Addison meets Pierce, the one person who doesn’t have an ulterior motive, the one person she can talk to openly, Colin thinks his life may be over. 

Will Addison’s memory return in time for her to save her relationship with Colin? Or is it gone forever, leaving her free to love Pierce?

Brenda's Review

What an emotional roller coaster ride! At first I couldn't help but feeling sorry for Colin. But then in walks Pierce.The perfect man in every way.So of course I think that Pirece is the right man for Addison. And as the story goes on,I still felt that Pierce was the man for her.

You can't help but feel the hurt and confusion all of these characters go through. The emotions are raw and real.I felt like their lives were unfolding before my eyes.This is great writing! If an author can make you "FEEL" what her characters are feeling,she's got it right! These two talented authors combine their story telling to perfect perfection! I am very impressed with how they captured me right from the start!I was a goner from the very first chapter.Way to go girls! I bow to you! You have won me over!

Okay,a little about the story.I don't want to give to much away because it is a story that you must expirence for yourself.Believe me,it is an expirence!

Colin and Addison are in love and engaged to be married. They are involved in an accident.A drunk driver sends them both to the hospital. Colin with minor injuries and Addison with a head trama.Addison has lost her short term memory.She can't remember the accident or her fiance'.... While she is in the midst of her recovery she meets Pierce. Pierce quickly becomes the one person she can talk to and not judge her or tell her what she should do.
Things between her and Pierce become intence as time moves on.Addison remains friends with Colin in the hopes of remembering him and what they had.But there is just so much stress that she feels over whelmed and needs to distance herself from him.Addison's mother is no help to her.If anything she just adds to the stress.
Addison's best friends seem to be adding to her stress too,seems they all friends with Colin and it just complicates things even more. But as her life moves on,she is falling for Pierce...and hard. They start spending more and more time together and fall in love,a real deep love that feels so right for Addison.She could'nt be happier.And then........

Nope not gonna do it!! You have to read this amazing story! I mean it,it will blow you away!!
Kudo's to the authors!! Take a bow,you have earned it!!I can not wait till next book!!I am going to be stalking you two authors until I get my "Part Two"!!

A little about the authors;

Jaime Nicole and Rachael Lena are two proud army wives. They both love to read and read about a book every two days. They are just two friends writing a book together and having a blast doing it. Hopefully everyone will love what they write and they can continue making stories for you.How great is this??? Two friends making dream come true! Awesome!!

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Where to find the author and book; **Will post the Amazon site as soon as release day comes ....

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