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Theatricks ~ blog tour

Title:   Theatricks
Author:  Eleanor Gwyn-Jones
Genre:  Contemporary Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Romance
Age Group:  25 - 50
Publication Date:  December 3, 2013
Publisher:  Omnific Publishing

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Enna Petersen has never been good at making personal decisions, particularly when she has to choose between her passions.  As a theater director, the stage is her world, the spotlight her vitamin D, the waft of greasepaint her oxygen.  However, when her handsome American businessman boyfriend proposes and paints the picture of a luxurious life in Pennsylvania, she has to tear her heart in two and give up on her theatrical dreams. 
But as she navigates the visa gauntlet at the US embassy in England, she meets Will, a charismatic, erudite actor who encourages her to not give up on her dilapidated and much beloved theater. She is torn, tormented by the thought that her departure will certainly lead to Ashtead Theatre’s demise, but she follows her heart, says goodbye to her homeland, and begins her new role as Cole’s fiancée in America.

However, homesickness soon strikes. Enna longs for the English countryside, her theater, and the passion that Will has inspired in her. After her American dreams fall apart, she is reunited with all three back in the UK, and with Will's help, she soon finds her theater more successful than she ever thought possible. She has everything she's ever wanted, including a gorgeous man in her bed to share it with, so why is it she can't stop thinking about Cole?

Ten food items I love and wish I could eat and never gain a pound

Burrata –the king of mozzarella, I first tried this at the Italian Embassy on a date.  It was… indescribable. 
Brie –how I miss Somerset brie from the area where parentals once lived.
Crème brulee
Eggplant lasagna – in England we can this aubergine and it is a vegetable sadly neglected by British restaurants.  I first tried this at an American funeral (weird how you remember things like that) and amidst the sadness, my tastebuds were, at least, happy.
White risotto from Café Rinaldi in Old Forge, PA
Mango tuna sushi roll
Angel hair with pesto 
Baked lemon mascarpone cheesecake
Peanut butter on Granny Smith apples

Fresh whole wheat bread from Sainsbury’s back in England, smothered with banana and cream cheese!

Eleanor Gwyn-Jones lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but originally hails from Surrey, England.  Huzzah!  She studied biology at Southampton University before taking to the stage as an actress, agent and administrator of a touring theatre company.  She performed in theatres, studios, schools and festivals across the British Isles before moving to the States.  It was whilst visa-dangling and unable to take on acting work that she started to write and decided she far preferred it to anything else in the world!  In 2008, Eleanor started her own ‘at home’ business to afford her more time to be with her ‘book babies.’  Now she spends her time writing by day and teaching ladies to look fabulous at night.  She is a travel junkie—it’s research, darling, research!—a gourmand, a yogi, a sometime blogger and she adores her family and friends beyond all measure.  She is currently putting the finishing key strokes to the sequel to Theatricks, due for release in 2014.
If she weren’t writing, she’d like to think you’d find her in Downton, The Paradise, or having a goblet of wine with Tyrion in King’s Landing.

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