Friday, January 24, 2014

Review ~ Dragon Kings Saga: The Lightning Storm

Josh and Amy have been best friends since childhood despite the fact that they are social opposites. Josh is an outcast with few friends, awkward and nerdy. Amy is a cheerleader, lead singer of a rising band, and very beautiful. Both dream of the future, but the plans they have made are put on hold as they are sent on a very dangerous adventure.

An ominous lightning storm hits their first concert with thunderous fury. Most of those attending are taken away from the world they know, where social entanglements and peer pressure are their greatest concerns, and plunged into a brutal fantasy world where they have to fight against overwhelming odds. In this new world, monsters and magic threaten to destroy peace and mere survival will become their greatest struggle.

The Dragon Kings, an ancient and very powerful order, are preparing for war. Amongst the bewildered group of teens are a few who are able to harness special powers that only a Dragon King possesses. They must adapt and learn how to use these powers in order to overcome the challenges before them if they are to have any hope of returning home, or be forced to join the evil order.

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I grew up loving to write short stories. The joy of writing my mental adventures out on paper was mainly for myself, but felt I had to share my most developed adventures with others. I hope everyone who reads them enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

My review:

This was an interesting read. For me it started off on the slow side but as the story progressed it picked up. I enjoyed Josh. At first he seemed very awkward and shy but it didn't take long for his character grow. I thought this was a great fantasy, something that I plan on sharing with my two oldest sons.

Josh and Amy find themselves on this odd planet with others from their band. They soon discover that among all of the creatures walking around, there are Dragon Kings dwelling there and they are not happy to have the new comers on their planet. These kids must learn how adapt and overcome in order to survive.

I recommend this book for anyone that loves books such as Lord of the Rings.

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