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Broken Wheel Wolves (Triolgy Bundle) by Melissa F. Hart

Broken Wheel Wolves (Triolgy Bundle)by Melissa F. Hart

Book description
Book One: Wolf Problem

Life in the small town of Broken Wheel, Wyoming tends to be a little predictable…until Sheriff’s Deputy Jade Lundgren is assigned to deal with the “wolf problem.” Now that wolves have been taken off the endangered species list, people are divided as to whether the wolves should be protected, destroyed, or simply left alone. Tasked with controlling the escalating tensions, Jade finds herself trying to make sense of seemingly unrelated crimes, while juggling her feelings for local rancher, Harlan Winters, and the mysterious, Irish wildlife biologist, Conall O’Faolán. 

Book Two: Vanishing in Plain Sight 

The “wolf problem” is spiraling out of control, and now Deputy Jade Lundgren has more than her confused feelings for handsome Harlan Winters and smoldering Conall O’Faolán to contend with. When violence comes to the small town of Broken Wheel, suspicion seems to fall in every direction. One thing is clear to Jade, though, as her investigation keeps hitting dead ends: it’s not only the local wolf pack whose lives may be at stake. 

Book Three: Luck of the Irish 

With the rest of the Sheriff’s Department out of town for various reasons, Deputy Jade Lundgren is all on her own as she continues investigating the “wolf problem,” and now the bombing of the Winters’ ranch. Things get muddled as no one around Jade is who they appear to be—and that includes the two men she’s attracted to: handsome Harlan Winters, and the mysteriously compelling Conall O’Faolán. What should have been an ordinary Friday night in Broken Wheel quickly turns into a race against time to save her best friend’s life. 

Brenda's review

Oh wow!! I loved this trilogy...although at the ending I was like...WHAT??? You're just going to end it like that??NOOOOOOO!! I really want more! (You did leave it open to add more) :)

Jade Lundgren is a deputy for Broken Wheel's sheriff's department. There's seems to be a problem with wolve packs in the area.Mysterious deaths and bombs going off.Vandles seem to be picking on her old friends/boyfriend homeage.Harlan,her prom date from years ago.

While investigating the issues at hand Jade comes across a man who is staying on the land in a cabin in the woods.Conall O'Faolan,an Irish man who claims to be there to study the wolves.Jade is taken by his Irish charms and good looks.But things seem to point to him in all these mysterious happenings.But some how deep inside of her,she dosen't believe he's in on it.She knows there's something about him that's different but she can't figure it out....Until he does the impossible,right in front of her eyes.

I loved the characters in this story.This a very fast paced story but easy to follow.That's what I love about Melissa's writing.She knows how to hold her readers on the edge of their seats.

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