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Following The Wolves (Triolgy Bundle) by Melissa F.Hart

 Following The Wolves (Triolgy Bundle) by Melissa F.Hart

Book Description;

Forests Dark and Deep (Following the Wolf, #1)

Abandoned by her parents at a nunnery by the side of an ancient forest, Riona has always known that she was different. Despite her innate passion and her natural curiosity, she is resigned to spending her life as a pious sister of the order until a pack of werewolves arrive to show her just how special she really is.
Rordan is the wolf king of the Dunclough pack, and for his beloved people, he will cross any line and break any law. He was ready for anything, but when his chosen prey turns out to be a beautiful, curvy woman with a fiery spirit and a wild streak, he finds that his plans need to change.
Riona must learn about her sacred heritage while learning about the ways of the werewolves and the heart of the man who abducted her.

The Black Wolf and the Red (Following the Wolf, #2)

A night of passion leaves Riona with more questions than answers, and when she flees Rordan's side, she encounters the King's Dogs, werewolves who live by the law of the land. The King's Dogs are led by the powerful and charismatic Conleth, who rules his soldiers with tooth and claw. Despite his fearsome exterior, he shows a softer side to Riona, offering her the answers that Rordan never did.
When two wolf kings meet, the outcome is blood or peace, and when Rordan finds Riona in Conleth's arms, the chance for peace grows ever smaller.
Riona begins to understand who she is and why Rordan needs her, and as she finds herself alone between two warring wolf packs, she must call on her own strength to save a man who seem as much wolf as human.

The Truth of Blood (Following the Wolf, #3)

Riona arrives at the werewolves' ancestral home, and she takes her place among them. She fits among the werewolves in a way that she never fit in at the nunnery, and her life is peaceful except for the question of Rordan. Too much blood and too much hurt lie between them, and she cannot help but remember his dark deeds even as she thrills to his touch.
Riona and Rordan are torn between duty and desire when their home is attacked. Riona must decide what she sees when she looks in the eyes of the wolf king and where her own heart leads her.

Brenda's Review

I was quite impressed with this triolgy.But then again I really enjoy Melissa's books.Melissa has a way of drawing her readers into the story right from the start and holding them there clear to the end.Her characters come to life on the pages.You can picture them in your head,right down to every last detail.

Riona was raised in a nunnery and that is where story picksup.She never really felt like she fit in.She has always had this wild side,a side that wants to run free in the woods.One fatefull day she is kidnapped from the nunnery by none other than the king of wolves. Rordan knows in heart that Riona is the one.The one with the blood and the healing powers.He wants to keep her for himself and bring her back where she belongs.Can he make her see that her place is with him.She was made to be by his side.

I loved this triolgy,I could not put it down! I was so egrossed in it that I didn't want it to end.Not many authors can hold me that tight in their stories.Don't miss out on this great read!

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