Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Struggle by P.A.Jones

Struggle By P.A.Jones

Book Description

New Adult Contemporary Romance.

Eva Clark has seen a lot in her 22 years. While running from her bruised past, she meets Nathan Brown...IT guy by day; hot, tattooed kick boxer by night. With his rock solid body, deep male voice, and dark brown eyes, Nathan is both irresistible and impenetrable.

The more Eva tries to get close to Nathan, more he tries to push her away. What secrets is Nathan hiding from Eva? Can true love be resisted?

Brenda's Review

Don't you just love it when an author contacts you and offers you to read their book in return for an honest review??? I do....and especially when the book turns out to be one fantastic read!!So I'd like take a momment to say "Thank You" to P.A.Jones for finding me on goodreads and offering her book to me.

Let's start off with the characters...I love these characters!! I felt like I could relate with them and feel their emotions.That is a big plus when it comes to reading.You need to feel what they feel and see things in your head as your reading the story.That's great story telling right there!!

Nathan is big rough kickboxer by night and IT guy by day.I picture him as a yummy hunk of temptation!I love everything about him.He's kind,sexy,and thinks of Eva before himself.As he is falling love with her he realizes that his past is just that,the past.He must make the choice to break all ties of his past so he can move forward.But his past shows up on his doorstep a little to soon....Now his future with Eva is in jeopardy.Can he fix things with Eva or will he lose the woman he loves???

Eva is college student trying to earn a scholarship for her running.She doesn't want to have to work for her mother.She needs this scholarship no matter what.Eva meets Nathan through her search for an IT person to help out her college.Nathan agrees to help her.But fate has stepped in.Soon they are headover heels over each other.But she holds back from loving him completely because of her fear of being hurt again.Can she get over her hurtfull past??Can she ever love fully again??

Ha Ha....I'm not answering that for you! You must read the book to get the full story.This story is gem!! I totally loved it and am looking forward to more of this story!

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