Friday, March 7, 2014

Can't Go Without ~ Blog Tour

Everyone has secrets; secrets meant to be kept—hidden away where nobody can discover the truth. Adrian O’Donnell (aka: Dre Donley) is no exception. Dre spins tales and half-truths like it’s his job, keeping the reality of his past buried deep within each lie he fabricates. On the other hand, Kathryn Howell is the exception to the rule. She’s a straight-shooter, a tell-it-like-it-is, no filter kind of girl.

Kathryn’s honesty and straightforwardness is the ultimate turn on for a guy like Dre. He’s never met someone so sincere, so full of truth and innocence. Their chemistry is unavoidable, their connection, magnetic. When Dre sets out to make Kathryn fall for him, he doesn’t realize the grave mistake he’s making. Kathryn’s strength and convictions do not falter, even for an irresistible man like Dre. When his past resurfaces, and the lies come tumbling forth, Kathryn must decide if his deceit and betrayal can be forgiven or if the damage is irreparable. Will the truth ultimately destroy the relationship that neither one of them could deny or even attempt to resist?

This novel is for mature readers only, due to language and sexual content.

“Tristan!  This is serious!  I worked my ass off for this company and one of your whores is going to end up owning it one of these days!  I can’t--”

            “Fine, I’ll send her some flowers, take her to dinner, let her suck me off again, and it’ll all be good,” I promise, sliding my tie off as I grab my gym bag, ignoring the increasing anger emanating from my father.

            “You don’t understand.  I’m done.  You’re done,” my dad says as he walks over to my laptop, closes it, and yanks it from the charging station.  “I can’t keep cleaning up your messes, kid.  It’s getting old—real fast.”

            “Oh so what?  You’re ‘letting me go,’ Dad? Should I clean out my desk and turn in my employee badge and keys?” I laugh, grabbing two water bottles from the mini bar in the corner of my office. “I told you; I’ll handle it.  Gabi won’t sue. Amber won’t either,” I add.

Walking over to my dad, I hand him a water bottle and say, “None of these bitches are gonna sue.  They just want some validation. They want to believe they’re not really the whores that they’re acting like.  I’ll take care of it.”

            “You don’t get it.  I want you to take some time off.  Resign your position—for now.  Maybe, I’ll bring you back when you can keep it in your pants and when you realize that this isn’t all a game, Tristan.”

Who is Angelisa Stone?

Angelisa Stone is a typical Midwestern wife and mom, frazzled by parenting and housework, and overwhelmed with sports schedules, doctor appointments, and three-dimensional creative projects due “tomorrow morning.” Stone dreams of white sandy beaches, clear-blue waters, and Midori coladas in hand, but realizes that her loving husband and four not-so-perfect children are her real dreams-come-true. Writing and reading are her passions, and she hopes (and prays with her fingers tightly crossed) that readers will find enjoyment and escape through her words and characters. Stone's first novel, Can't Go Home, is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble now.

Email Angelisa for fun chatter and banter, giggles and chuckles:

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