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Broken Wheel Wolves II (Triolgy) by Melissa F.Hart

Broken Wheel WolvesII by Melissa F.Hart

 Cry Wolf ~ Book 4 Description

In Cry Wolf, the ‘wolf problem’ in Broken Wheel, Wyoming takes a very personal turn for Sheriff’s Deputy, Jade Lundgren. When beloved local rancher Duke Minton turns up dead from an apparent wolf attack, Jade desperately wants to find the real killer in order to protect Conall O’Faolán. Not only is Conall being blamed for the increase in wolves in the area, Jade realizes that she can’t ignore the profound connection she feels to the sexy Irishman, or the fact he’s trusted her to keep his true nature a secret. To make difficult matters more confusing, handsome bomb tech ‘Boomer’ Harkness makes his romantic interest in Jade known, and the beautiful Irish shapeshifter Aoife has her own plans for Conall

Brenda's review

This is the fourth book in the series and so far,I'm liking it. I'm finding myself liking the characters but I'm not in love with them.The storyline is good and flows nicely but I'm finding this one just a little less exciting than the others.But still a very good story.

Lost And Not Found ~ Book 5

Book Description

Sheriff’s Deputy Jade Lundgren has more than a murder on her hands when she learns that a shapeshifter war is brewing in Broken Wheel, Wyoming. While trying to do normal things like go on a date with handsome ‘Boomer’ Harkness or pick out dresses for her best friend Nicolette’s wedding, Jade is confronted with the fact that not only are some of her neighbors actually wolves, some of them are very, very, bad wolves. Kidnapping and potential mayhem means she has to set aside her own feelings for sexy Conall O’Faolán in order to help him defeat this hidden danger.

Brenda's Review

I love the Irish and the way they talk.In this series you get a taste of the Irish as Colleen gets into her investigation on a murder. She finding it hard to do her job and dating at the same time.
Hottie Boomer is on her heals vieing for her love while another is off on the sides lusting for her.I got a feeling it's gonna get real up in this tango of men.(Wink,Wink)


Means,Motive and Opportunity ~ Book 6

Book Description

With every passing day, Sheriff’s Deputy Jade Lundgren seems to uncover more unsavory business going on behind the scenes in Broken Wheel, Wyoming. Duke Minton’s own family is implicated in his murder, while the evil chieftain of the Carey clan kidnaps women in his plot to overthrow Conall O’Faolán. As Jade races to save the woman standing in the way of her having a relationship with Conall, she also has to confront her longing to simply be a normal person again.

 Brenda's Review

A cool murder mystery and shapeshifters.Happy with the way it all turned out. Liked the characters in this series,they were easy to follow and easy to relate with. Melissa is a great writer and she has a knack for hooking you into her stories and keeping you there. Great job!

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