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Faithful by Louise Bay

Faithful by Louise Bay

Release date; April 9th, 2014

Book Description

Leah Thompson’s life in London is everything she's supposed to want: a successful career, the best girlfriends a bottle of sauvignon blanc can buy, and a wealthy boyfriend who has just proposed. But something doesn't feel right. Is it simply a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’?

Uncertain about her future, Leah looks to her past, where she finds her high school crush, Daniel Armitage, online. Daniel is one of London's most eligible bachelors. He knows what and who he wants, and he wants Leah. Leah resists Daniel’s advances as she concentrates on being the perfect fiancĂ©. 

She soon finds that she should have trusted her instincts when she realises she's been betrayed by the men and women in her life.

Leah's heart has been crushed. Will ever be able to trust again? And will Daniel be there when she is?

Not recommended for younger readers due to sexual content and language.

Brenda's Review

First,I'd like to say "Thank you" to Louise Bay for giving me the ARC in return for an honest review.

What I look for in a book is "feeling".... I want to feel what the characters feel.I want to e able to cry or laugh where need be. "Plots".... I want to see a plot that is well thought out and keeps me wanting more.I want characters that don't bore me.They need a little background,enough to where you feel a connection with them. And guess what? This book has it all!! I loved it!

Leah Thompson is living life in London.She has a successful career and just became engaged to Charlie.She and Charlie have been together for six years.He's just now asking her to marry him? Not to mention that she had to give him the hint that they get married or she walks.

Charlie works long hours,way after his normal hours.He seems to be never home and not to mention their sex life is nonexistent.Leah finds herself bored and rethinking things. She decides to go back in time and email one her high school crushes,Daniel Armitage.Things progress rather quickly between her Daniel.Next thing she knows she is agreeing to meet him for dinner.Soon Leah finds out secrets that Charlie has been hiding.

And then the fun begins! I'm not going to go into detail any further.No spoilers from me!! You just have to read this awesome love story and watch it unfold right before your eyes.I loved the witty humor and the love that Leah and Daniel share.I couldn't put this down!!

Brenda's Butterfly Review Points; "5" 

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