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Luna's Heart by Christine Woo

Luna's Heart by Christine Woo

Book Description;

I bet you’ve probably heard about a nymph…or not. Maybe you heard about them in a class back in like fourth grade. Maybe it was in one of those movies that you watch with a box of popcorn. Well their versions are definitely wrong. Movies are a pretty bad source of information when it comes to creatures like us. Nymph’s are really beings created with the Earth itself. We are the keepers of earth. After we become of age we reach our maximum power. For ages, Nymph’s have shaped the world that it is today. Well, this isn’t another nymph’s story, it’s mine.

Luna’s life has been burned to ashes, literally. All of her family, except for her brother, has died in a horrible fire caused by the narcs, a race of paranormal hunters. For centuries they have killed beings like her, but that was twelve years ago. Now Luna is sixteen and living a normal human life with her older brother, Jay. Of course she can never be really human for she is a half nymph, but she tries. That peaceful life that they’ve created is shattered when Jay goes on a business trip. Luna faces a new dangerous power, love. She meets Kaden. A narc that is handsome and caring. Together they face an enemy who steals Luna’s necklace that keeps her humanity in check, without it she can go insane. Kaden and Luna try to sort out their teenage hormonal selves and the paranormal ones as well. When Sam, their enemy, cuts the necklace he shreds Luna’s sanity. It turns her into something that she feared about for years. Can she still love? Can Kaden save her?

Brenda's Review;

A whole new look at the paranormal world. This book has a list of paranormal creatures,it's packed with tons action and love.A love the is not common.A love between a Nymph and a Narc.The Narcs are the hunters of the paranormal creatures,and they aim to kill.But there is something different about Kaden the Narc. He has a love for Luna that is endless.There love is special and they are in jeopardy.There lives are in jeopardy.
Others from the Narc world are out to kill and destroy Luna.Now add in a vampire who is out to claim Luna for himself.Things get hairy from there.

I loved this paranormal story.It was a nice change from other paranormal books.The author has a way of drawing you into the storyline and keeping you there.I loved the characters,you could feel their emotions and you find youself rooting for them and for their love.This is a great story and flows nicely.Easy to follow and easy to fall in love with their love.Great job!!

Brenda's Butterfly Review Points; 5

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