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Phases of Passion II (Trilogy Bundle) (Werewolf Romance - Paranormal Romance) by Melissa F.Hart

New Beginnings (Phases of Passion II) by Melissa F.Hart

Book 4 ~ Description

A heavily pregnant Erin tries to keep a grip on her sanity as the world around her ceases to make sense. Sean, the father of her unborn baby, is gone. He left amid utterances that he was a werewolf and cursed. Erin dismissed his words as madness but now as her due date approaches, she finds her home under siege. At night, she listens in terror to the sounds of shrill howls that circle her property.
Erin is all alone and something or someone is lurking outside in the darkness. Is she in danger or has she been driven to the brink of madness? What if there was some truth to Sean’s curse?

Brenda's Review

Wow, What an intense birth! Erin being all alone to give birth.... At home!! EEK!!!!

Erin thinking she has been alone all through her pregnancy,hears wolves cries every single night. Nobody else is hearing these howls.Her neighbor says he hasn't heard the cries.She thinks she's losing her mind.Then her water breaks.She is totally alone and suddenly two wolves break into her home and are fighting right there in her bedroom.While she is in labor and terrified.She can't get to the phone,she can't move without pain..... What's she going to do to save herself and the life of her baby??? 

** Very intence!! Love it!

Birth Right ~ Book 5

Book Description

Back home with her newborn baby, Jack, Erin struggles to put the terror from the night of his birth out of her mind. She’d been attacked by a wolf, she was certain of that, but she still refused to believe in Sean’s talk of werewolves and curses.
But now Sean insists that neither she nor baby Jack are safe. A rival wolf pack is out to kill them as Jack is Sean’s heir. Whether or not Erin believes in Sean’s curse, she can’t deny that she is in very real danger.
As the howling returns, Erin has to consider just how far she is willing to go to protect both herself and her newborn son.

Brenda's Review

We all know how it feels to be lied to.But to be lied to about who you really are, all of your life, from the one person you trust most,your mother. That can be a little hard to swollow.But finding out what you really are other than human...I think that would be even harder!!Really digging this wolf series from Melissa.I just love the way Melissa writes,she knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Let's make a Pack ~ Book 6

Book Description
Erin finally believes in Sean’s curse, knowing that somehow, his dark secret is tied in with her own past.
But with the rival wolf pack still a very real threat, Erin must make a choice; should she join Sean’s own wolf pack or risk existing on her own and endangering both her and Jack’s lives?
Soon Erin’s fate will be sealed and the shroud of mystery surrounding her own lineage will be lifted. It’s time for Erin to finally face the darkness that has haunted her life for so many years. She won’t let it defeat her, not matter the cost.

Brenda's Review

Love the way Melissa writes.She keeps you on the edge and flipping the pages as if your life depends on it!
Sean and Erin in this book come together in many ways.They are truely in love(Mated)and the future is looking up for them.Erins mother dies in this one,kind of a bitter sweet moment for Erin.Little Jack is happy and growing like a weed.And there's a bit of surprise to the ending of this one.A good one,so don't fret.

I always look forward to reading Melissa's stories.They really connect with you and the characters just spring to life!Excited to read more from Melissa in the near future.

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