Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Worthwhile Sin (Trilogy Bundle) by Melissa F.Hart

 Sinful Temptation byMelissa F.Hart

Book Description

Sin knows music. She lives it, eats it, breathes it. And now she’s going to report it. All she needs is to land the interview of a lifetime with rock’s sex god, Tate McQueen. 
Tate has other plans for Sin. He wants her in his room and naked. 
And Sin knows it. 
What she doesn’t know is that Tate is willing to offer her something far better than a byline in Rolling Stone. 

 Sinful Seduction by Melissa F.Hart

Book Description
Rock god, Tate McQueen, has his new PR Manager, Sin, right where he wants her: close at hand. When he offered her the job to tour with the band, it was only to get at the one thing every other girl threw in his face. But three weeks of seeing her luscious curves every day is slowly driving him out of his mind. He needs her, and he needs her bad. 
But Sin isn’t about to throw her dream job out the window for a groupie-style fling with Tate. 
A layover in Key West offers a break from everything to make them realize what they’re willing to give up to get what they want. 

Sinful Incitation

Book Description

Sin can’t take the sexual tension anymore. What started as a low thrum has become an undeniable drumbeat between her thighs. Only one thing is going to slake her need, and it’s in Tate’s pants. He’s become more than a musician; he’s become her everything. 
When an afternoon at the pool heats up beyond the Florida sun, Tate must decide if one evening with Sin will be enough. 
Because he’ll do anything to keep from losing her. 

Brenda's Review 

This is a three book bundle trilogy.Can't beat that right? Three books for one price! 

 I love the way Melissa writes.She is flawless...she knows how to draw you in and keep you there.This is a delicious story of a rock star named Tate McQueen and he has his eye on the girl who wants to interview him.Sin loves music,she knows everything about it and she lives for it.Here is her chance to get that one time interview with the rock God Tate McQueen.She pulls out all the stops to get what she wants.
  Tate is so taken in by her he offers a job as his personal PR Manager.The time they spend together is more than just words on a paper.It's hot and spicey!
 These stories flow so nicely and so fast that you will saying... Did I really just all three books that quick?
  If you like hot and steamy,these are for you!! 

Brenda's Review Points  ~ 5  out of 5

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