Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hunting Hearts (Trilogy Bundle)by Melissa F.Hart

The Book of Unbound Chains 

By Melissa F.Hart

Book Description; Book #1
Tara spends her days teaching at the local college and her nights dreaming of something more, but she never thought that picking up a strange old book at a used bookstore could change her life like this! Before she knew it, there were monstrous winged creatures knocking on her door, and the handsome but mysterious werewolf Mads Magnussen coming through her window! Tara's careless purchase sets off a chain of events that put her body and her heart to the test, and soon she realizes that there is far more to the world than she has ever considered.

Dreams of Restless Sleep 

Book #2

Book Description;

Thrust into the middle of an ancient conflict between werewolves and the beings who call themselves angels, Tara has learned to face dangers that she never knew existed. Now she has sworn to help the werewolf leader Mads Magnussen wake up the ferocious Fenrisulfir, the legendary leader of his kind, but along the way, she realizes that Mads may not be telling her the whole truth. As if that wasn't enough, now they are faced by the formidable being known as the Three in One, and Tara soon sees that some of her greatest enemies come from inside her own heart and soul.

The Wolf Released; 
Book #3
Book Description;

Mads and Tara's journey has taken them to the heart of Scotland, the ancestral home of Mads' people. As they come closer and closer to their goal of waking the wolf, Tara comes to understand that her heart will always belong to Mads, but what does Mads most desire? Their love burns as bright as a bonfire, but there are dark shadows on Mads' heart, ones that could destroy them both. As Tara and Mads approach an end to their hunt, and as the angels close in. Tara is forced to see Mads for who he is. Now she has a choice to make: will she stay by his side, or must she find a way to free herself with the help of an enigmatic winged man who calls himself Lukas?

Brenda's Review;

 Ahhhhh, Cliffhanger!! But at least I know there is more to come.
Tons more action and mystery in this one.If you like Angels and Shapeshifters,then this series is for you! What a great series to keep your mind racing.
This whole bundle is exciting and fun to read.Melissa has a way with words that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.I loved this series and am looking forward to more from Melissa.

 * Don't miss out on this wonderful series.

Brenda's Review Points; 5of 5  

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