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Judgement of Sous, Call of the Righteous ~ Review

Rachel has a promise to keep. When Max arrived at the Elysium and started to court the young Rachel, who knew why he was really there? Who knew what he was planning? 
Who knew he’d frame her parents and leave behind such misery? Who knew he’d break her heart? 
Rachel should have known. 

It may take time to track him down, but she will and she’ll make him sorry.In the second part of this vampire trilogy, Rachel searches for Max and the missing vampire artefact to save her parents. 
Meet her new best friend who happens to be mortal, meet her handsome Count destined for the guillotine and meet the Righteous, the fierce vampire hunters.

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I live in Cardiff with my partner and three little mad dogs and I work for a well-known TV broadcasting company. I love living in Cardiff because, for all its modernisation, there are still remnants of an old Victorian city. I love writing and base my stories in Cardiff because it has such character. When I can, I go out to the coast and take photographs, mind you, we have a lovely castle in the city centre and a fairytale one just on the outskirts, so when I feel I can't write anything, I take a ramble to those locations and it clears my head.
I suppose it was inevitable that some day I would write a novel. My teachers at school used to limit me to no more than ten pages. When I left school, I wrote short stories for magazines, and it paid my way through college. I am Gothic, I love the fashion, the architecture and the music. The club in my novel is real. When I was writing book one, I got all my club material and clientele from here, I wouldn't have finished that section without it.
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Call of the Righteous takes you back to a time before Judgement of Souls. It really gives you some knowledge and background to bring things together. Things were a little slow for me in the beginning but they quickly picked up and held my attention.

In this book we watch Rachel as she transitions into a full vampire. She is on the hunt for Max. He has stolen from the Elysium and in return her parents had suffered the consequences.

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