Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gabriel by Chris Lange

Gabriel by Chris Lange

Book Description

Who can stop a master vampire from expanding his territory? Only one woman, born with a rare, invisible power, and hate for his kind deep in her blood. Now she has to face the master who has become a legend. His name is Gabriel.

Brenda's Review

Nothing like a good vampire story...or maybe there is,how about a Great Vampire Story!! Yep that's what you're going to get when you read this one!

Calista,born a Gelding and hatred for vampires.That is until she comes up against the Master Vampire Gabriel.Gabriel holds a power over her that she has never felt before with any other vampire.He brings out the passion in her she never knew she had.She hungers for him in many ways and Gabriel delivers in every way.Gabriel needs something from Calista,something she is very capable of doing.But will she? She must Geld another master vampire for him.

This is a touching story of compassion,lust,love and losses.Two very unlikely lovers to come into your reading lives.Very compelling,very sexy,very hot!
I truly enjoyed this story,it was very different from the typical vampire story.Nice job Chris Lange! Kudo's to you on this wonderful story!!

Brenda's butterfly points 5  

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