Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blind to Men by Chris Lange

Blind To Men by Chris Lange

Book Description

The day has come for Anya to reclaim her life. Protected by an Amazon, she must go to legendary Palance, the city of her dreams. She has to leave her home without even knowing she was cursed at birth. She is blind to men. She can’t see them, and they can’t see her. Except one.

Brenda's Review

Blind To Men is a very cleverly cultivated and sexy read,with Kings,Queens and wizards and spells.This is a very captivating story with much humor and absolute lovable characters.This puts a very unique twist on fairy tales.
Kylor is a handsome protector,sent to guide the queens daughter Enya to her homeland of Palance. Enya has been under a spell for her whole life.A wizard cursed her as a baby to never be able to see men.There is only one way to break the curse and that is to have sex with a man on the summer solstice. Kylor is none to happy to help her break the curse but there is a price to pay for that when he reaches the kingdom Palance.
Ok, I can't tell you anymore or I will blow the whole story for you. But this story is amazing fun! It's an adventure as well as a sexy little read.You are going to love these characters! I had great fun in reading and laughing along with these characters,you will too!

Brenda's Review Points  5 of 5

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