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Chained by SK Fordham

Chained by SK Fordham

 Book Description

***Contains sexual references. 18+. 
Stella is a recently widowed 34 year old mother of two; she struggles to move forward in her life, until she meets the sexy Doctor Dean. Sexual desire brings Stella back to the present, but will Dean be able to capture Stella’s heart and keep her? Or will Stella remain chained to the past? Stella is going to have the ride of her life, chance encounters may just have you trying to guess, where she is heading and who is trying to stop her.


Brenda's Review

Wow,wasn't sure what to expect from this "New To Me" Author. What a pleasant surprise!

This story is just down right captivating.It will suck you in from the very beginning.I loved the characters in the story and you just feel connected to them.You can feel the pain Stella goes through when she loses her husband so suddenly.And then to lose a close and dear friend to cancer.The pain rips at your heart strings.

Her husbands last words to her had me tearing up.... "Stel, I love you,I will always be with you.You're young and beautiful.Find love again." And she does.Stella meets Sexy Doctor Dean.And he turns her world around and upside down.But there are issues of strange notes being left for her on door step.Warning notes.And then the unthinkable happens!

**Cliffhanger** Yep, I love cliffhangers!! That just means there is going to be more awesomeness poured into my greedy little hands!! Can't wait for the next book to come out!!
This is one of the best love stories I've read in a while.

Brenda's Butterfly Review Points 5 of 5

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