Friday, August 1, 2014

Chained To You by S.K.Fordham

Chained To You by SK Fordham

Book Description

Stella Howard is chained, chained to her past and chained by her present. Dean quests to save Stella, to show her that he loves her and wants to be in her life. But Deans’ own past catches up to him and threatens to destroy all that he now cares about before he has the chance to love freely. Will others cruel intentions stop love from growing? Or will love conquer?

Brenda's Review

This one of those OMG>OMG>OMG Reads!!

I really want to give this a six star rating! Wow!! Intense,suspense,hot scenes,crazy people,love loss,and down right awesome characters!! This one takes the cake!LOVED it!!

This little mini series may be small but not on the WOW factor!I was amazed at how well this story panned out.So well written and flows like a dream with characters that will leave you hot,upset,angered, and wanting more!

Dean is one hottie and oh so perfect! All the girls want him,heck even men... LOL (Can't go into that) Dean is just a toxic person,seems people are willing to kill for him! And the first part of this book is a pin and needles intense heart ripping situation. I couldn't imagine being in the situation that Stella was in.

This is an emotional overload ride! You won't want to miss out on this great story.I am in love with the way S.K. writes.She brings her characters to life!She knows how to make her readers weep,laugh,shout,and just down right ugly cry! Bravo... Kudo's to you S.K. You have a gained a true fan!!

Brenda's Butterfly Review Points; 5 of 5

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