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Hunting Hearts II by Melissa F. Hart

Hunting Hearts II by Melissa F. Hart

Book Description

Book Four: My Only Safe Place

A year after she fled Mads and his war against the angels, Tara is making a life for herself in a large anonymous city. She is finally beginning to believe that there may be some kind of life for herself and her son, Fen, but then everything changes in a single terrible moment, and the war is on her doorstep again.
Mads has never forgotten Tara, but when he realizes what she has done and who she has hidden from him, can he ever forgive her?

Book Five: To Soar with Eagles

Mads and Tara enter into an uneasy alliance with Lukas, the angel of prophecy, to find their son. Lukas guides them to the Aerie, the nesting place of angels, where no wolf has gone and lived to tell the tale.
Mads and Tara's love is put to the test as they search for their son in a terrifying stone labyrinth, and Tara is forced to make a decision that might doom everything that she holds dear.

Book Six: Love at the End of the World

Tara and Mads face off against Anders, the leader of the fallen angels, and they soon realize that his madness endangers not just the wolf clans but the entire world as they know it. Tara makes a desperate decision, risking her child and the man she loves, and she can only pray that she made the right choice.
In the end, Tara knows that Mads loves her, and she knows that he would give his life for her and their son. What she does not know is whether it will be enough.

Brenda's Review

It's been a year since since Tara fled.She left her old life hoping to find a new better life for her and her son Fen. But trouble seems to follow her everywhere she goes. Lukas the angel of prophecy has re-entered her life along with Mads.Mads is Fen's father but he is not aware of this yet.

When Fen is taken from Tara it is now time to tell Mads who's Fen's father is. Tara and Mads must come together to get their son back. Lukas leads them to Aerie,the nesting place of the angels.But it's not easy to just find him and bring him home.This is an adventure,war....And time to run.

I loved to see that Tara and Mads get back together.Their love never really died,it just lay dormant for awhile.Waiting for them to rekindle what was always theirs.This story is full of action and some hot steamy/dreamy lovin' between two amazing characters.Loved it!!

Brenda's Review Points 5of 5

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