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Lynxar Series Books 14-19, by Melissa F.Hart

Lynxar Series Boxed Set Books 14-19

By Melissa F.Hart

Book Description

Lynxar Series: Boxed Set (Books 14-19)

Book Fourteen: Eye of the Beholder
Apple Muldoon is an artist who has fought her way tooth and nail out of a difficult time, and finally, she has achieved the skill and the recognition to show her work at one of the finest art galleries in Colossal City. At the gallery showing, she rubs shoulders with some of the city's best and brightest, including members of the city's superhero force, but the person who commands all her attention is the handsome caterer who introduces himself as Alexius Bellaron.

After a charged encounter, Apple cannot believe what she is feeling, but she would have a harder time believing that the man she spoke to was the last alien prince of a destroyed planet!

Book Fifteen: Scars of My Past
As Bellaron butts heads with the other heroes of the city, Apple find herself confronting a burned monster out of a nightmare. The handsome caterer finds her again and comes to her rescue, leading to the ignition of a fiery passion that threatens to consume them both.

Soon enough, however, it becomes clear that both Apple and Belleron are keeping secrets, and this could have disastrous consequences for both of them!

Book Sixteen: Glory in Victory
Belleron's history and Apple's own troubled past have been revealed, and both hero and artist have fled to mend their own broken hearts. However, neither have the time or the opportunity to mourn because the angels, the terrible beings that destroyed Bellaron's planet, are back, and they are on a mission to destroy everything in their path.

In the charged conflict, Belleron must fight the enemies who defeated him, and Apple must confront her own fears.

Book Seventeen: The Storm to Come
Apple and Bellaron have settled into a quiet existence, though with a baby on the way and super villains to fight, there's always plenty going on. In the blink of an eye, however, a peaceful day turns into the beginning of a terrible battle, one that will endanger the entire city. Bellaron must face an ancestral foe, and Apple does what she can to save the people around her.

Book Eighteen: World at War
Ace journalist Vicky Campbell and her millionaire superhero husband Bryan Hillman race the clock to find Apple Muldoon, the woman who can turn the tide of a vicious battle. They face a panicked city and a fight that is only barely contained. Before the battle is over, love is tested, love is found and love is lost forever.

Book Nineteen: A Hearts that Beats Only for You
After the devastating battle against the angels, Lynxar's powers have multiplied even as his mind is tormented with loss. The other heroes of Colossal City are torn and cannot risk approaching him, but the only person who does not give up hope is his beloved Rachel. Leaving her child behind, Rachel enters the forest to heal her troubled love.

Brenda's Review

This is a series that will get your blood pumping.You have tons of action,love,aliens,alien princes,hero's, and villain's. There is hot steamy romance in there too. It's a series to be reckoned with.

I love how Melissa puts her heart and sole into her stories.Her characters all have something to be admired.You will love them,hate them,agree with them and yet disagree with them.But in the end it all boils down to....
Amazing characters,amazing writing!

I love this series,although it is a long series,it goes by very quickly.Melissa doesn't drag out the story lines and each book is relatively short.Which makes no room for boredom in her stories.

If you really like paranormal,deity type books...This is for you!

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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