Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Meeting at the Grocery Store by Natasha Lane

A Meeting at the Grocery Store

   By Natasha Lane

Book Description

Natalie has been hurt and disappointed by the people who were supposed to love her. Now she has decided that the only life to live is one of seclusion. Spending most of her days alone, one night Natalie ventures out for a cup of coffee to “bring her back to life,” only to bump into a stranger destined to become part of her life. His name is Jaheim and he is determined to be a dependent for Natalie, despite how hard she tries to fight against his efforts. Jaheim is offering his hand, but there is no guarantee Natalie will take it. With the past both tempting and warning her, Natalie is not sure if she can ever not be alone.

Brenda's Review

Natalie loves her Chinese food.In fact she loves it so much her local restaurant has cut her off from ordering from them any more. Sounds crazy in world of business but it's more than likely that Mr.Lee is more worried about her health, than her choice of foods.

Natalie has a past that she has run away from.Her family is no longer hers.Natalie wrote them all off.Being a loner and always home doing nothing,Natalie wonders off to the grocery store to pick up a few items.This is where she bumps into a sexy man....Jaheim.

Jaheim is taken by the beauty of Natalie and leaves his number for her.Now the question is.... Will she take the bait and call him?

This story is fun and full laughter.There is a little Oh-No's in there but more fun than anything.A little romance and a little drama.This would make a great little weekend read or a good one to take along with you on vacation.Over all I liked this cute story and look forward to reading more from this author.

Brenda's Review Points 4 of 5

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