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Big Riggs Trilogy Bundle by Melissa F. Hart

Big Riggs Trilogy Bundle 

by Melissa F. Hart

Book Description 

Schoolyard Bully - Volume 1

Fannie Riggs has always been a big girl. She comes from a big family who unfortunately hadn’t seen the irony of the name they had given her. As a kid, the school bully had relentlessly tortured her for six years until he finally moved away before high school. That was when Fannie re-invented herself. She began working on her self-confidence and sense of style while putting the past behind her. By the time Fannie graduated high school, she was on her way to law school and the fast track to the life she had always dreamed of. Fannie’s about to get a big surprise, however, when she lands an interview for the perfect job as an associate in a prestigious law firm. She’s brought face to face with her past, as the bully of her childhood, becomes her colleague. Meanwhile, strange things start to happen. She’s locked in a stairwell, and her car is vandalized. Can Grant, the firm’s investigator, help her find out who is behind it before the past begins to swallow her future?

Love and Chinese Food - Volume 2

Fannie Riggs embarks on her new life as a lawyer. Young, single and confident, she has gotten a job with a prestigious Chicago firm almost right out of law school. Fannie works closely with a man who had grown from her childhood tormentor to her mentor, and possibly her friend. Frightening things begin happening to her just when she thought she had her life and her career on track. Confused, hurt and beginning to doubt her own self-worth, Fannie finds comfort in Grant’s arms. He and Fannie make an unlikely pair, but when he sticks around two nights in a row to protect her from the stalker, the sparks between them fly and the passions ignite.

Twisted Sisters - Volume 3

Fannie wakes up after a night in Heaven, to realize that someone wants to make her life Hell. Her stalker finds new ways to torment her as Fannie continues to try and get on with her life. She finds out new things about Mark, the last man on Earth she’d ever thought she would be friends with, and discovers along the way that she is still hanging on to old insecurities that she thought she had rid herself of long ago. Mark and Fannie’s other best friend Paul somehow find themselves entangled in the mystery along the way, and people begin to get hurt while Fannie’s new lover Grant is racing to find out who is behind all the chaos.

Brenda's Review

There's a whole lot of stockery fun in this one.I love a good mystery and Melissa has created a drama filled page turner!!

Fannie Riggs comes from a large family and was always picked on in school for her name and her size.And one of her tormentors from school is now working along beside her in her new job.Right out of law school she landed a great job at a prestigious law firm in Chicago.She didn't know Grant was working there too.

She was dreading working with Grant but he turned out to be one gorgeous adult and not anything like she remembered him to be.She soon finds out just how caring he could be when she is suddenly caught up in being stocked by someone.

This was a fun story,leaving you wondering at "Who is doing the stocking".... Fun,sexy,and real page turner.I had fun with this little read.

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5

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