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Coming Home by Caroline Spencer

Coming Home by Caroline Spencer

Book Description

Life hasn't been easy.
I guess no-one's ever is, but I feel that my life had a few too many hurdles to contend with at a young age.
Moving back to the States after spending eight years in England was supposed to be my clean, fresh start, but that backfired in the space of ten minutes. That day would be the start of a completely new life, one that I hadn't expected.
It meant that everything I had dealt with came flooding back to the surface, leading me down a new path, a path I never knew existed. 
My childhood sweetheart was back in my life and I had to find a way of bringing up my haunted past to help build another new life.
I just had to climb a few more mountains along the way.

Brenda's Review

I'd like to start off with....OMG!! I can't get over how emotional I got while reading this wonderful story.

The characters come to life right before your eyes.They are so easy to relate with.You can feel every emotion the characters go through.That my friends is what makes a true writer!! If you are able to "FEEL" what you are reading,then that author is doing their job right!!

Cat is back in the US after an eight year stint in England.What she didn't expect was to run into her old flame, Kyle. Kyle is just as stunned to see Cat.She was his one true love.He never got over her and it hurt like hell that she never bothered to stay in contact with him.She just up and left never to be heard from again.

Cat,is still in love with Kyle.But she can't get over him never bothering to write her or contact her after all the letters and phone calls she made to him.Not to mention he never even bothered to say a word about her last letter.The letter that broke her heart to even write him.

Add in the devious mother of Kyle who did everything in her power to split the two of them up.Until.....

This is one emotional story on so many levels.I found myself,laughing,smirking,and yes crying.This is a story that touches your heart.I'm so excited to see that is a series and will continue on.I am looking forward to reading more of this story and more from this author!! Kudo's to Caroline for an amazing book!!WTG!!

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5 ( Want to give it more!)

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